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May 11, 2017


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Title :              Darkness Within

Author :            Isabel Lucero

Series :            n/a

Release date :   December 5th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : The moment it happens, everything in me changes. Imagine somebody was able to fit inside of your body. Their arms are the same length as yours. You’re both the same height. Everything is exactly the same. Now imagine that person not being a person at all. That thing inside of you is a shadow. Darkness. A silhouette of you, only living on the inside of your body. It doesn’t have a conscious. It doesn’t have a heart. Nothing within that darkness is remotely human. Its only goal is to take over your body. It fights against your muscles. It tries breaking through the skin. It wants to replace you. That’s what it feels like when the darkness that lives inside me starts trying to get out.I feel it happening. The pressure builds. My skin prickles. And the only thing that tames it, getting it back to resting peacefully inside me, is to unleash it. I have to let it wreak havoc, and I quite enjoy the mayhem.Analeigh Price comes into my life and does the one thing I hate; question me about my past. She can pretend she wants to get to know me all she wants, but she’s not ready for the truth. I won’t become a better person for her, because I am who I am. She can’t fix me, because my wounds are unfixable. You see, I’m not like everybody else. Oh, no. I’m different. My humanity was stripped from me long ago, and those who are responsible are about to be paid a visit. You’ve never heard a story like mine, because I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met. I’m no hero. I’m the guy you don’t want to piss off, because once the darkness within me is unleashed, it’ll be too late to get away. What’s my name? It’s Donovan. Donovan James. But the darkness is taking over, and it’s only good at one thing, so I must go.


Review : Darkness Within by Isabel Lucero was quite different from what I expected it to be when I read the Blurb. I guess Darkness can be interpreted in different ways and somehow my mind was set on a another way to interpret it.


So I am not really sure what to think… I liked the writing style of this author but I was never sure if it was intentional that the male lead felt so detached from what he was doing. It never felt like revenge but more like cold calculation and considering the backgrounds and the subject- I would have expected more emotions with his deeds. But maybe it is a good thing …


This will never be my genre as there was a TV series that directly jumped my mind that I always refused to watch (I will not mention it here because the title will give away to much of the plot – but I am sure most persons that read this book will be able to imagine which series I am referring to)


Personally, I felt it was twisted and it will have triggers for people I am sure … but interesting enough the only thing that felt dark about it to me was the romance that was nestled hidden in the pages … or more the sidelines of the story.


It is a well written story and I am sure that lovers of this dark and twisted genre will love this book.


Oh and yeah … I admit after finishing the book I will never look at my colleagues at work the same way … because really … you never know what hides behind the surface…


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