When Life Gets in the Way by Ines Vieira


July 4, 2017


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Title :              When Life Gets in the Way

Author :           Ines Vieira

Series :            n/a

Release date :   August 2nd 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : A wise man once said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.


Cassandra Mackenzie had only one plan. Get into Berkeley, University of California. That was her one purpose and nothing was going to get in her way or sidetrack her from that one goal. Her life would finally begin once she moved from the quiet streets of Plymouth, Massachusetts to the sunny hills’ of San Francisco. That is if her family doesn’t fall apart before she can make her dreams come true.


Isaac Silva never made any plans his entire life. His only objective was to have the nightmare he lived day in and day out, to finally come to an end. To Isaac, graduating wouldn’t mean college, it would mean freedom.But when these two meet, all bets are off.


“When Life Gets in the Way” is a story about overcoming diversity and the gruelling challenges that illness and violence can cause.


But it is also a story of experiencing that one feeling that surrounds us all.


It can either make you or break you…


Review : Funny when the title of the book fits the problem of the reviewer, yeah “When Life gets in the Way” – it kind of did for several months I think now, because this book has been on my E-Reader since like forever.


But finally finding the time for some extra reads I directly picked it up and dove inside. Told from the PoV of both leads “When Life gets in the Way” offers the reader a look into the life of two strongminded characters.


We meet Isaac and Cass when both of their life’s seems to be running just fine ON THE SURFACE THAT IS… We first get to know them better individually than slowly we follow the developing relationship between them.


And while both characters try to figure out their future and their feelings towards each other also the shiny surface of their life starts to show more and more cracks.


UNTIL the day it brakes ……


The pace of this novel is slow – which felt at the beginning TO slow but while reading I noticed that it felt real for these characters.


I am not sure if I liked the way the end was written especially the last chapter gave to much information that I would have wanted wrapped up a little different.


They felt like they were added last minute to make the package complete. But they were necessary so I would have preferred them voiced earlier or different – not sure.


(As I had no cry or laugh moments during reading the 5ths Star remains in its drawer)


But in total this is a 4 Star solid, well written romance with interesting characters, that speaks to all people that love young adult novels


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