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The Remingtons: Mended by Love by Stacy Eaton


August 26, 2017

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 The Remingtons: Mended by Love


 Stacy Eaton




 December 4th 2016 






 Josey Napier had given up on love after a longtime crush told her he loved her like a sister. Intent on staying busy at work as a surgical nurse to suppress the pain, Josey is shocked when she recognizes Tucker Wheatcraft, the police officer who saved a friend’s child from drowning, on her operating room table—fighting for his own life. Four months after pulling a young boy from the freezing water while off duty, Tucker is struck by a car and shot. When he wakes up and finds the woman he’s had his eye on standing vigil over him, he’s thankful to be alive, but after weeks of therapy, Tucker still isn’t getting the feeling back in his legs, and the mind games are starting to wreak havoc with him. Can he ever be the kind of man that Josey deserves?


Mended by Love is Stacy Eaton’s third Remington Kindle Worlds Romance. Cured by Love is a full length novel that was published in 2015 and Revived by Love is a novella published in early 2016.






A few days ago the plot of “Mended by Love” from Stacy Eaton captured my attention and I thought I should give this book a try as soon as my busy blog schedule allows.


Turns out it was sooner than expected because another book was late. I was not sure what to expect when it came to the writing style of this author as this is my first book from her.


Even if you like a Plot and the story is really well developed that still does not mean that you are going to like the writing style. So I was pleased to find out that she has a steady and well developed style, so just the way I like it. Knowing it was the third book in a series I was careful when starting it because I was unsure if it would work out as a standalone.


But I am happy to report that it can easily be read as just that, the only thing you will have to live with is that you will inevitably spoiler the ending of the first books to you – obviously.


I still have the first two books here to read and I will do so soon, but I was just to curious about this one to start in the right order.


We meet our characters right when the female lead is in the middle of her busy work and the male leads world suddenly comes to a full stop. I liked the playful dialogues that got better and better during their developing relationship.


And I really REALLY liked the way the author did not shy away from subjects relating to Tucker’s injuries, things that are often neglected in other novels. And believe me I read a bunch of novels around these subjects.


This honest writing style made the story feel more real to me. During the progress of the storyline I could easy follow the train of thoughts the leading characters had until a certain point near the end.


Here I would have wished for the story to be a wee bit more slow and less jumpy, because until then the pace had been steady, but here I felt a little like the characters were deprived of their great finale.


Therefore I was unfortunately not able to give the full set of stars but only 4 (but to be honest getting the 5 stars is really not that easy with me as I have a very strict rule that includes “No crying, laughing or other strong emotions during reading = NO 5 Stars)


Mended by love is a solid romance that I can only recommend if you thing this Blurb appeals to you.  



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