Silenced by Leddy Harper


July 28, 2017


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 Leddy Harper








 February 2017








 Haunted by a photographic memory, I couldn’t escape the worst night of my life.


The blood they shed.

The pain they endured.

The evil that still walked free.

It was all I saw.


Those memories, my childhood—the images.

Silenced and scarred.

But nothing lasts forever.

Torment turned to blinding rage.

Hate sought revenge, which pursued death.


Then there was life.

The moon.

Rylee Anderson.

I had to choose…






  Leddy Harper is an Author that will not write in a certain way just to please readers. No that is not the way she works, she will not write what we expect but she will write what her characters need.


And sometimes that will make a journey uncomfortable for a while, when a story does not develop in a way you expect or want. But in the End you will notice that all that happens during here stories is necessary for her characters to get where they need to be in the end.


Her newest book “Silenced” is no exception to that rule. Reading it was not my first rodeo with this author so I knew what to expect of her writing style . What I did not know – and what you will never know with her in advance – is where her story will take you.


Yes I admit that I did not like everything that happened in this book, but honestly for this authors stories that is not necessary. This book is a love story, a story of second chances, a journey to find out who you are.


If you ask me I would recommend to simply follow the people that already read this book in their journey 



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