I am a mixed bag of emotions on this one.

So be patient with me.

I have read all of Anna Chastain’s books and I have enjoyed all of them, but it seems that here this book wasn’t for me.

The first time we meet Holly and Dean it is in Locked In and I was dying to see what these two were going to get up to.

They spend one night of passion and then two pink lines pop up a couple of weeks later. Holly sees Grace, Dean’s sister in a café and blurts out that she is pregnant and so it all begins. Holly has more time to acclimatize to becoming a parent. Dean has some problems at the beginning, but he really does try to get his head on straight.

He does behave like a douchecanoe but I do understand his point of view in the matter. Now let me get to the lovely, funny, infuriating, immature and selfish Holly. There is having pride and then there is Holly anymore false pride and yes, I would have decked a pregnant woman ß no need to hate, I’m kidding kind of. Holly’s inner monologue and her inability to accept help from people who want to help just grated on me so much.  I thought we were making progress and then she’d pull something silly.

It depicts how to strangers must come to terms and adjust that they will be in both of their lives forever. The struggles are real for both couples and this book is as close to RL as you can get which is refreshing.

To be honest this is all ME and not the book. My love for romance is currently waning Take my review with a pinch of salt and give the truly talented Ms. Chastain a chance as she writes down to earth and light bantered romance with some angst.

I would most certainly read other books by AC once they have been released and if she was to approach me again.


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