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Pick (Recoil Rock Series #1) by K.E. Osborn


August 19, 2017

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 K.E. Osborn


Recoil Rock Series


 January 11th 2017 






Danger—it’s a word that strikes fear into most people. But for me it’s not just a word, it’s a legacy, a lifeline, my name.My life has been crazy—ups a downs like the highest rollercoaster you’ve ridden. On tour with the world’s biggest rock stars and on my way to being one myself.Then I met her.The woman who ruined me completely.Fast forward through the shit storm that was my life—I lost the girl, I lost my band. Hell, I lost it all.My only choice was to run.And running was the best thing for me.Because I ran into a pink haired beauty and everything started falling into place.My band reformed and we’re pushing to be right up there with the best of the best. But when you’re fighting to get to the top, is the pressure too much to keep your band, and the girl?In the end, if your heart’s in danger, can love truly be enough?






Lately I seem to be having a “Rocker” phase and as I have always a thing for “damaged” characters what would be the more obvious than going for a damaged rocker #figures


Well I came across the “Recoil” series by K.E. Osborn. And while I was aiming to read only “Plucker” because of its plotline – I was told it would be best to read “Pick” before, so I did just that and here are a few of my thoughts.


When I started reading I felt thrown right into the middle of an already existing world. While this series starts with “Pick” it seems that there are many characters appearing that I am supposed to know (I am only assuming as it feels like that), while that is kind of nice usually as it mostly triggers my wish to read the previous books, it was a little sidetracking in this case.


The plotlines connect other books of this author like crossovers do on TV. The author has an unusual writing style I think, a huge part of the stories is told from the PoV of the male characters before the females join in their thoughts and actions.


And her males are showing their emotions very openly which I also different from the mainstream and needed some getting used to.


I liked the complexity of the characters in both “Pick” and “Plucker” and while the storyline in the books is different the author did the same good work on their backgrounds as both books feel solid once you get used the different / non mainstream way the author writes.



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