No Ordinary Love by J.J. Murray


December 18, 2015


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Title : No Ordinary Love

Author : J.J. Murray

Series : N/A

Release date : Jan 26, 2016



Blurb : Nurse Trina Woods never really expected to make the reality-show cut for Rich Man, Lucky Lady. She’s used to losing in love, and past believing in fairy tales. So she’s sure the handsome plain-talking man she encounters on her lunch break is just a shy eccentric. . .Until he turns out to be reclusive award-winning musician “Art E.” Soon his unique sensitivity and gentle ways are inspiring her to stand up for herself, take risks, and try one last time for her happy ending.Tony Santangelo’s special way of seeing the world helps him make connections others don’t–and turn them into mega-hit songs. But he never realized how lonely he was until he got a glimpse of Trina’s honesty and caring nature–and went way out of his comfort zone to find her. Suddenly they’re the media’s hottest new Cinderella story. And coping with his overprotective brother and overwhelming celebrity means he and Trina must face trouble head on, insist on their dreams, and write their own one-of-a-kind forever-after song. . .




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