Love Struck by Laurelin McGee


January 11, 2016


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Title : Love Struck

Author : Laurelin McGee

Series : N/A

Release date : Feb 2, 2016


Blurb : Welcome to a seductive world where two solo artists combine their talents-and their hearts-to make beautiful music together…SHE’S GETTING INTO THE GROOVE Lacy Dawson is a young singer-songwriter with a record deal, a studio gig, and a serious case of writer’s block. After looking for love songs in all the wrong places, she finds inspiration at an online support group called Song Writers Anonymous. Thanks to one mysterious member who motivates her and inspires her, Lacy’s career is back on track. But is she ready to meet her sexy musical muse…face to face?HE MAKES HER HEART SKIP A BEATEli is definitely interested in hooking up with Lacy, aka “LoveCoda.” But between writing her new album and his band’s success, they can’t find the time to face the music-or each other-about their burgeoning online romance. All that changes when Eli and Lucy get booked on tour together. In person, the attraction is all too real and explosive. They both should walk away, but once they are in each other’s arms, there is no turning back…




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