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Goodreads Review
Good things come in extra-large, smoking hot packages.Things like pizza.

The very pizzas that I deliver for my dad’s restaurant, Peretti’s Pizza. It’s a temporary job, something to pay the bills until I graduate from school, but it does the trick. In fact, it’s working quite well until Ryan Pierce of the LA Lightning decides to order a pizza from me, and life as I know it turns upside down.

You see, Ryan Pierce doesn’t just open his front door. He opens it buck naked. And suddenly, I’m not the one boasting the biggest, hottest package in the room. However, it’s what happens next that makes my stomach flip upside down whenever my phone beeps. Ryan starts to call, and then text, and then fifteen pizza deliveries and one hot-as-sin kiss later, we’re friends.

So when he asks me to be his fake girlfriend at his brother’s wedding, I’m happy to help. But the longer we pretend, the more I worry that this is one package I might not be able to handle.




Dear. Author,
Please be
aware that I’m in the minority here. You can write and you can write well. You
have done something utterly unique with your style. It’s funny. This is a major
case of it is ME and not YOU.
Best wishes
To my
Andi is working
as the delivery girl for her father’s pizza parlour once she has finished her
accounting degree. Andie doesn’t want to be an accountant though. She wants
something different. What she really wants is to be a comedienne. Whenever she
can she goes to gigs to practice her material and she is good. And with a
little help she is going places.
Ryan plays
for the Minnesota hockey team but wants to transfer out to LA so is trying to
get in with a new agent to get him started in LA. But after ordering a smiley
pizza he is smitten with the delivery girl. He can’t help but not fall for the
delivery girl.
I liked the
MC individually. Put them together and I was kind of indifferent. I just didn’t
feel a connection. Ryan tried too hard and invested too much in the beginning
of the relationship and Andi didn’t do enough in my opinion.
And dude I
don’t know you just didn’t ask her out instead of ordering all that pizza but
then I guess it wouldn’t have had the fun factor which helped the book along I
mean how else are they meant to see each other again?
This is
just me and I have a strong dislike for MC who talk crap about only being
friends and yet they have feelings for one another. Being so indecisive drives
me bonkers. It was a push and pull that ruined the book for me.
It’s funny
in all the right places yet I was still missing something. I think a proper
connection between the two characters and maybe I’m just too old for the NA
genre? Because it had a very strong NA feel to it.
I found it
extremely tough to review this book. I’ve come to realize that I’m not the
romantic comedy kind of gal. There is the rare occasion that it does occur as
Alanis Morissette out it when there are ten thousand spoons but all you need is
a knife.





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