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Snare (Recoil Rock #3) by K.E. Osborn


September 20, 2017

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 K.E. Osborn


Recoil Rock #3


 May 11th 2017



 Fear—it’s swallowing me whole. The worry is always there of people finding out my secret.But she knew. The second we were alone…. she figured me out. My life has been one catastrophe after another, people judging without knowing me. I’m rude, obnoxious, stubborn, but that’s all to hide the pain of my demons.The pain of my childhood. No one knows why I’m the way I am. Except for my twin, but even he doesn’t know the extent of my despair. No one knew until Zaria Shafir came into our lives. Oscar-winning A-lister and actress extraordinaire.She saw right through me—through the bravado, through the act—she saw me.The thing is… she’s just as good at acting as I am. The diva attitude she throws around demanding everything like she owns the world. I see through her, too.We both have demons in our past.Will they keep us from having a future?



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