Situation Critical by Amanda Knight


September 13, 2017

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 Situation Critical


 Amanda Knight




 April 5th 2017






A taut debut novel about a wounded soldier, a courageous doctor, and a dog in desperate need of a rescueSoldier, surgeon, traitor, dog… When Sergeant Nate Calloway is carried into the field hospital with no memory of how he got there or where the other members of his unit are, Australian army surgeon, Captain Beth Harper cares only about repairing his broken body. But it’s clear that something went terribly wrong on the other side of the wire, and as Nate slowly recovers, he becomes more and more anxious to return to duty, go back into the field, and rescue his friends, his unit, and the bomb detection dog that he loves. The only way Nate can be released to active duty is if a doctor agrees to accompany him, and Beth surprises everyone by volunteering. Her role is to monitor Nate and take him right back to hospital the instant that his health deteriorates enough to put their rescue operation at risk. But as she stays close, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to his courage, his determination, and his commitment to his fellow soldiers.Instead of a straightforward recovery, however, Nate and Beth soon realise they’ve stumbled on a tangled web of deceit and danger, and the enemy is no longer outside the wire. He is one of their own, a traitor, and he has them in his scope.






When I found Situation Critical by Amanda Knight my finger was hoovering above the button to get it for a long time then I left the page without getting it.


I was so unsure about it because basically it sounded like something I would like from its blurb but I was not sure if it would go into the direction of a romance or a suspense.


A day later I returned with my mind made up to give it a chance and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I find a really well developed story, but it was also a well balanced one when it came to the suspense and romance.


I have to admit that my “reading suspense” years are over and I much rather read romance but this story really captured my attention even with its suspense parts. Also the character development was amazing and somehow different than I am used to.


It might be the Australian “flair” in it but somehow it felt good. Especially if I consider that it was not a really long novel and it seems that its also a debut novel (unless the writer uses a different pen name only?). I was really impressed by this book.


While I am not sure I can take this level of suspense often this book is definitely a very recommendable read as this suspense issue really is only my very personal problem and none of the story.


In fact I am pretty sure that the suspense will attract a lot of attention with other readers.


Me? I am left whishing for a glass of good Australian wine and I am almost feeling the sun on my face ….- I bet you wonder why because the Blurb suggests no such thing – right ?

My advice : Read the book.



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