Royally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Hayley Faiman


September 9, 2017

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 Royally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy Tale


 Hayley Faiman




 March 23rd 2017






 A Complete Standalone — Coming March 23, 2017


The only thing royal about Caitriona Geneva Grace is the blue of her beat-up sedan. While luxury and vanity are terms she could use to describe her everyday life, they’re not words she lives by. Rather, they’re words that keep her fed—barely. As a receptionist at a medical spa, her life is far from glamorous, but she gets by. For Cait, anything beats the life she left behind when she said goodbye to her small town after high school.


His highness, Prince Henrik Stuart, is a slave to his royal status. Bound by duty and controlled by the crown, he fears a future chained to a woman of good breeding–a match not made in love. While known as the foolhardy prince, the thought of settling down isn’t what troubles him. Rather, if he could find a woman who cared nothing of his title, he would give her the world.


When a weekend trip leads to a chance meeting, both Caitriona and Henrik feel a spark between them unlike any they’ve experienced before. To each, the other is too good to be true, but one night of fun cannot be denied.When she said ‘yes’ to the handsome, green-eyed stranger, Caitriona didn’t know that she was stepping into her very own fairytale.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except when it’s legally binding.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to Sexual Content and Language.






Royally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Hayley FaimanThat was the book I just finished like five minutes ago – and I have been contemplating now for more than 24 hours – that was about when I hit the 25% mark – how I should write a review on this book or even give it a rating at all.


I know that books are like babies to their authors and since I am writing a little myself I know how it feels to come up face to face with a person that has a problem with something I wrote. So I have the highest respect for someone that places his writing out to the world to read – but reading for review also means that I cannot close my eyes and pretend that everything was ok for me.


Given the fact that I stay away (if possible) from spoilers in my reviews I have a little difficulty in describing my issues with this book. It was my first by this author therefore I do not know if this book is written in her usual style or if it is different but it what I know is that this book was not for me.


While I could not put it down (which is strange given the fact that it was not for me in the end), I came up with far to many loose ends or potholes as you may also call them. Events and facts that made no sense to me, that were simply wrong or felt wrong and in the end to top it off a male leading character that up until the last pages could not meet a standard of a fairytale prince.


I think I am capable of distinguishing facts and fiction, but when a fictional story uses a contemporary surrounding, I expect that daily events are kept real. If in a paranormal novel a vampire would drive a human car I would expect that car to have four wheels.


So one of my big issues in this plot is hidden in this link here – https://www.vegas.com/weddings/las-vegas-wedding-legal-requirements/ . (I did not check because of the book but because I was personally interested in it some time ago so when I came across it in the book it bugged me – and I think its no spoiler to mention it here as it is kind of mentioned in the book blurb)


Basically in this story it seems that there were a lot of ideas on the mind of the author that she tried to install into one plot no matter if they would work out or not or were even close to being believable, it was just TOO MUCH.


The plot idea it self was sweet and probably would have worked out just fine. But instead of simply staying in the sweet way that a fairytale should work, it feels that the author not only tried to make it modern by exchanging the carriages and horses with cars and planes but also she tried to give it more of an edge which did not work out at all…


If I would neglect my no spoiler rule I would not even know where to start with my problems. But still until the epilogue I was still positive that it would somehow work out – because I was still reading right ? So it meant that there was something in that story that kept me glued on my kindle. But it turns out that in the end I must have been a glutton for punishment.


I mean no disrespect to the work of this author but this fairytale dream turned out to be a royal nightmare for me and its crown was the epilogue that added more drama when an epilogue should be the closure to something and it installed the leading character as a man that is not able to change his ways.


In the end now – I had to check what my own rating system said and according to what I once fixed I can not rate this book with more than two stars because I finished it but it was far from a solid read to me. In this special case I really truly feel sorry about it because there was something there within the lines



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