Romancing the Fangirl by Ginny Sterling


September 24, 2017

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 Romancing the Fangirl


Ginny Sterling




 March 9th 2017






Practical, no-nonsense surgeon Katherine Drake doesn’t have time for silliness. So she’s not exactly sure how she finds herself at a comic convention, rubbing elbows with Bronies and fanboys. But then a gorgeous, charismatic actor from a hit television show picks her out of a crowd and suddenly she’s living the dream of every teenage girl with a Tumblr account. Alexander Weber may be Hollywood’s current heartthrob but he’s tired of all the fakeness. After dating a string of starlets who were only interested in tabloid media, friends who have used him for money, he’s ready for the real thing. Alex likes Katherine’s independent nature and wants to know more about her.Running from the media circus, the two are swept into the whirlwind romance in created by an unconventional love.






Combining the elements of a fanfiction with equal parts of a sweet romance this book offers everything the average fan of such a novel might want. Even if the title does not quite fit the content it still leads the reader on the right track. I am sure there will be lots of people out there that enjoy this slightly – well ok a LOT – unrealistic – plotline. Simply because it does just what it is intend to do – it lets you dream :-).



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