Rock Hard by Paige North


September 22, 2017

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 Rock Hard


 Paige North




 March 2nd 2017






 *Rock Hard is a standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA*


Jayce Owens. Music’s biggest star. Sexiest man alive. My new boss. And the man who could bring my world crashing down around me… I felt like I couldn’t breathe when he stared at me from underneath the brim of his cowboy hat. Those sexy brown eyes, the way his penetrating gaze raked up my body… it made me break out in goose bumps. Why did he single me out? I’d seen the women he’d taken to the CMAs before, and they were tall and lanky and fancy, like gourmet biscotti. Me? I was vanilla ice cream. His presence overpowered, commanded, and given different circumstances, I might’ve said yes to a date. But I couldn’t. I worked for him now, and I refused to be one of those girls who slept their way to stardom. I didn’t spend four years getting a B.A. in Music Performance, learning guitar, piano, and vocals, moving to Nashville to try and make it against my family’s will, all so some cocky country star could woo me with his charisma. But with the way he looked at me, the way he touched me, the way he said my name….I just couldn’t resist. Before I knew it, I was just like every other girl who’d met Jayce Owens…tangled up in his web of secrets, half-truths, and twisted desire. And just like any good country song… the whole thing was destined to end in nothing but heartbreak.






I am really sorry to say that from the first page I had problems to get into this book. What could have been a gorgeous story was somehow disturbed by the characterdevelopment. I totally did not like the characters and as I am known for having a problem with anything that feels “INSTA” – I have to say that this book was not for me.  I might be the odd one out here as this is really just my personal issue – so I am not the one to tell you to not read this book.



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