Another hit by the wonderful Ms. Wright.

The Characters & Chemistry.

Trick is one of the many enforcers with the pack. He split with Trey after Trey got kicked out of the Bjorn Pack and they founded the Phoenix Pack. Now they are one of the strongest packs there is.
He is loyal and funny and an absolute dominant male but I seem to have no real collection of what made him stick out in the previous books. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to him.

Anywayz I am now totally on board with Trick getting his own book. He always knew that he had a fated mate out there but after all of his pack being mated he and his wolf are getting lonely and it is getting worse.

Frankie was part of the Bjorn Pack that is until a tragic event that she can’t remember was whisked away by her maternal family and as a half shifter has lived in the human world. No pack, no support and not a lot from her maternal family.

I really liked Frankie she is cute but at the same time really mean. She is strong and came out on top with everything that happened to her but a lot of things are about to change for her.

There was an underlying chemistry between these two right from the beginning there is no fighting or back and forth if they really are true mates. It sizzled and crackled between the two and it was hot peeps.

The Writing & Plot.

Frankie is contacted by her Aunt Lydia of the Phoenix Pack as her paternal grandmother is fading after the loss of her mate. Finding out that Frankie has been lied to by maternal grandparents for most of her life, she has to acclimatise to the idea of having a pack and family that love and care for her.

The plot not only focuses on what happened with Frankie and her family but also once again there is an outside threat. Where a pack full of lone wolves is trying to take over various territory and getting read of packs. There could be a war coming with the shifters/human extremists.

The anticipation is always high when it comes to this series. I just can’t get enough and I have deep love for the Phoenix Pack and all the trials, tribulations and hardships that they have been through and we are near the end of this series but not quite. Wild Hunger is a great addition to this series.

All the right feels were conveyed and evoked here and the story of the tragic event is heart breaking but there were also humorous moments and we get to see the Mercury Pack as well so you know happy days!

What I can’t seem to let go.

This is ME so Trick and Marcus scratched an itch if they had one. It wasn’t weird but then there is o/m drama where one of Trick’s flings gets jealous and tries to sow seeds of doubt.

He doesn’t want the label of bi-sexual and that it was all a fling or ONS. It’s not about gender but about the person.

Was it mentioned that he is bi-sexual? Or that he had other male flings in the other books? I just felt as if it came out of nowhere. He never got emotionally attached to any of them and I think he did it all to distance himself. And I would also like to state that I have NOTHING against MM.
Please correct me if you know differently on this readers.

The Verdict.

For me Ms. Wright can do no wrong. 



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