First thoughts after reading.

Goes off to find info on serial killers.

There are 25-50 active serial killers in the US at any given moment. Right now.

Phew, good I don’t live in the US.


Currently in Germany there are 8 active serial killers. Alright so I know I’m not exactly doomed and I am more likely to get run over by a bus. Yet with that I am repelled and fascinated all at the same time. My paranoia is currently on high speed.

The Surviving Girls is exactly what I needed to give me some excitement.

The Characters & Chemistry

Lei is coping with her life after surviving a serial killer, she takes the blame and is now trying to even the balance as having one of the very few cadaver dogs she is of the opinion that no one should stay missing forever.  I agree.

Lei runs head first into trouble to deal with her fear but it will be controlling that fear that she will need to have tight control on her fear. Lei is a strong heroine with a spine of steel, her past could have been her ruin but she got up and fought and is still fighting. She is no damsel in distress but knows when to ask for help, has a certain vulnerability to her and isn’t TSTL. I repeat she isn’t TSTL.

Dante & his partner Clarke are called to a murder in Seattle where certain similarities arise with an older case. Dante is cool and reserved and comes across as being too cold. He comes from money and has always stuck out within the FBI. I liked Dante more than I liked Lei but I always seem to like the Hero more. Dante is strong, silent type and goes above and beyond for Lei & Emma.

There is good underlying chemistry between Lei & Dante. They make out a couple of times but in the face of danger they don’t get to smexy times which you know actually makes sense. How many suspense books have you read where they have time to have sex although they are on the run from a serial killer etc?

The Writing & Plot.

Lei & Emma are the two surviving girls of the Sorority Row Killer that happened about twelve years ago. They are co-dependent on one another, they bonded on a truly awful experience. And have been inseparable ever since. Especially when no one believed them when they knew exactly who the killer was. They used to be happy and normal. But to their family and friends they don’t fit into that box anymore. So they take a different route and find missing people.

But their fort and bubble are about to be burst. A new set of serial murders similar to the others but not quite has everyone reeling. The Seattle police, the BAU, Lei & Emma are always three steps behind the serial killer.

For a couple of pages I had an inkling of what and where the twist was going but I chucked my theory out the window but damn I was so close. But there is one thing I didn’t take into account. My lips are sealed, it is for you to read the book and find out.

The author gives a suspenseful, nail biting read full of emotions. It has highs and lows where the characters feel guilt, terror and fear. I can’t give it the full 5 stars as although it is action packed, pace wise it is a tad drawn out. IMO at least.

The Verdict.

I love the Hidden Sins series and can only recommend all three books.



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