Instalove by Lexy Baker


March 1, 2016


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Title : Instalove

Author : Lexy Baker

Series : N/A

Release date : March 8th 2016



Blurb : A month after losing her mother, Avery Edwards arrives on campus alone and shattered, hoping just to make it through the year and stay under the radar. Until she meets Declan Hargrove, ex-teen heartthrob and campus celebrity, who just so happens to be her Resident Advisor. With dark hair and striking blue eyes, Declan definitely lives up to the rumors … unfortunately, so does his reputation.The night before Avery arrived on campus, Declan was caught with his pants down. Literally. The “Stairwell Video”, as everyone dubs the sex tape, only makes Declan more desirable on campus, while it turns the girl into an instant pariah. Livid at the double standard, Avery does everything she can to stay away from him, which is easier said than done since they live in the same building…and considering the rumors definitely weren’t exaggerating about his amazing abs.But when they finally stop denying the sparks flying between them—in a closet at a frat party, no less—Avery panics and throws Declan under the bus in front of an entire audience ready to record them for posterity all over Instagram. But Avery’s mistake on social media will affect more than just their social life. It turns out that rumors don’t always tell the full truth, and when a new movie threatens to take Declan away from school, Avery might realize that falling for a star might not be so bad after all.


Alexandra (Lexy) Baker has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. Her dream of becoming a writer started in junior high, where she spent most of class time writing short stories with friends. Alexandra writes Young Adult and New Adult contemporary fiction, romance, urban fantasy and science fiction. She lives in Canada with her husband, their two sons, and two black cats.



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