How To Pleasure A Playboy by Talia Hunter


September 11, 2017

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 How To Pleasure A Playboy


 Talia Hunter




 April 18th 2017






 Blogger Lacey Gibson is officially fed up with her playboy landlord. (Actually, he’s her playboy slumlord). Everything about her place in The Baxter apartment building is a mess. The roof leaks and the floor is rotting, but Bronson Reyne refuses to fix a thing.Her solution? Use Twitter to goad him into a winner-takes-all bet.


#PamperedPlayboy is used to silk sheets. A bed in #TheBaxter would be more than he could handle.

#TheBaxter is history. I’m pulling it down and I want you out.If you want me out, come get me. Is that an invitation? Ask nicely and I’ll think about it. Last 7 nights in #TheBaxter, and I’ll move out. If I win, you fix up the building.


Deal made. I’m bringing my silk sheets, so you’re in for a treat. But I’ll only let you share them if you don’t snore.Bronson Reyne’s determined to pull the Baxter down, and he’ll do what it takes to get Lacey to move out. That includes taking her bet and moving into her place, no matter how bad it is. He’s a playboy who likes his bad reputation, but there’s no way he’s pampered.


Besides, living with Lovely Lacey for a week won’t exactly be tough.Well, it shouldn’t be…Now they’re living in close quarters, driving each other crazy. Both playing dirty to get what they want. While the building collapses around them, their attraction explodes. But this game has only one rule. No sleeping with the enemy.








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