Very mature romance alas the book is not for me.


I have a soft spot for books with children in them. I can’t really say what it is but there is just something about them.


The book started off strong and I was enjoying the characters that is until they started sharing how their former spouses cheated on one another. Some readers might say that it wasn’t that bad and whereas that may be the truth it was just too much for me.


The MCs are strong and likeable and are sweet together, but it was S-L-O-W going peeps, any slower and a snail would have passed us by.


The author writes well and has a strong foundation, but she also writes realistic and real life romance. This is just me that is not what I am always looking for. I like a balance between the romance being realistic and not plodding along with every step of the relationship that they take, some things for me could have been left out.


I know they go from acquaintances to friends to very good friends to lovers and I have respect for the Hero not cheating on his wife with the heroine even if his soon to be ex-wife cheated on him.


Just because I wasn’t keen on this book doesn’t mean that YOU won’t be.

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