4 ‘Some moments are beyond words’ Stars.

There are two novellas included here. The Storm & Song for the Dying. They are unique and can’t be compared to one another.

The Storm.

The Storm by Ms. Hunter is another great addition to her Irin Chronicles series and although a novella it most certainly does pack a punch. I can only recommend reading the series as this can’t be read as a standalone. There is so much depth and history here that it is worth it. The book is full of emotion it is about pain and loss and yet being able to grieve when given the chance. That there is hope.

Here it is Max and Renata’s story and what a story they have. Their love, avoidance and hate spans over a very long time. They both experienced the aftermath of the Rending where thousands of Irin women and children were murdered. It is hard to overcome something so brutal especially after the revelation that not all Grigori are evil.

But Max is persistent that he has followed Renata wherever she goes. This time it’s no different. The loss that they have encountered and each has dealt with it differently but after such a long time it is time to heal. To face fears to move on. Not an easy feat especially for these two.

Song for the Dying.

Here we get to experience Leo’s and Max’s past when they are summoned to Riga as their Grandfather is dying.
Leo & Max travel with their mates and aren’t sure what to expect as it has been over a hundred years since they were last there.

Growing up with no women, no Irina song to comfort them was hard and Max & Leo didn’t get the love that they deserved. Hold hurts here will start to heal with the help of Kyra and Renata and their healing power.

It was saddening to experience the past that they suffered and that they were saved and when they find out by whom they are shocked. Even the Fallen have morals, there must be a balance between good and evil.

Once again Ms. Hunter grips me with her storytelling and are impeccable writing and this applies for both novellas. They are perfect.

I felt all the emotions that our MC have experienced and savour this author’s writing so much. Since the beginning of all of her paranormal romance it has been a true pleasure and each book keeps on getting better and better. So keep them coming.

Each plot is unique and the secondary characters really add to the story. Vasu is a favourite of mine and well I would love for Azril to get a book. Even Death deserves to fall in love.

Next book up is The Seeker with Rhys & Meera. Do I know Meera? I can’t remember.



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