The first installment in Lisa Hughey’s brand new series: The Nostradamus Prophecies. A paranormal romantic suspense series featuring remote viewing, spies, secret babies, bad guys, and three deliciously intense former military heroes who now do covert ops for the CIA.

Every night Mari Johnson’s dead brother visits in her dreams. The CIA tells her his death was a suicide, but she refuses to believe it. There’s no way he’d leave her again. But if she can’t trust the shadow organization that her brother worked with for answers, then she’ll turn to turn to his surprisingly sexy partner instead…the man who was with him when he died.

Every night Nik Stanley relives the night he watched his best friend die. In vain, he battles the guilt that haunts him. As a member of Project Specter, a program that uses people with paranormal talents for intelligence gathering, he can’t shake the feeling that he should have known that something was wrong.

But when Mari and Nik join forces, the pair are thrown a little too close together, and their digging only draws the attention of powerful enemies that would do anything to keep their secrets hidden.

I’m not entirely sure what to think about this book. I went into it with virtually no expectations. Guess what? I really enjoyed it. This is romantic suspense with a twist of paranormal tied in with prophecies that were made by Nostradamus which made it utterly unique and a pleasure to read.

There were many twists and turns so I never knew what was going to happen. It is well written and engaging.

Marisol Johnson has been dreaming about her twin John who died in a special ops mission with specter. Nik was on the other side of the roof watching what was happening and it looked as if John committed suicide but through the dreams that wasn’t the case. We have conspiracy theories and the main characters had chemistry.

I personally didn’t like Hawk and Kel but mainly for the fact that they didn’t believe Nik. I felt as if they abandoned him.

So you’re probably wondering how Nostradamus is involved with all this, right? Well he and a friend wrote the book of predictions and through the book, what was written down and the diagrams etc. His granddaughter Sylvie was to stop them with Leonardo. It is a race against time. They get the truth this time but there is always a next time.

There were some things that bothered me thus being

There was a photo on Mari’s father’s desk and I felt as if it there was an emphasis that it had to have been of importance but in the end it was mentioned again.

Why is it always the Russians? I personally would have liked to have seen a bigger picture of what was to come maybe that will happen in the next upcoming books. I will most certainly read them. In my opinion the book could have been longer to fill in some more gaps and to create a secure foundation. This is also my opinion that the end just fizzled out. I turned the next page and it was over. Say what?

If you want something different then I can only recommend this book!


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