An artist and a smart girl.
A staid family and a broken one.
She’s adorably literal; he’s big and quietly emotional.

Jordana Richards was determined to make the best of her post high school life, despite the fact that nothing about her current college experience was of her choosing: not the school or the major, and definitely not the place. But it wasn’t home, so that’s something. Yet, the harder she tried to fit in, the less she felt like she did.

Until the night she said screw it.

Until the night she walked out on her parents and bought her very own piece of cake.

The same night she met Brooklyn Novak: brooding artist, huge man, overall scary human being who took a keen interest in her.

Brooklyn was out of ideas. He had no art, because really, his subjects had no soul. When the girl at the convenience store clicked her way into his life on five hundred dollar shoes and the fumes of a tantrum, this changed. Jordana Richards: the rich girl with a mission who gave Brooklyn the spark he needed to create again.

Uncomfortable with their attraction, Brooks and Jordan strike a deal: he’ll help her have fun, she’ll be his muse for as long as he needs. Simple.

Yeah right.

The more time they spend together, the more both of them realize that what started out as a convenient relationship is now transitioning to vital, and neither knows how to deal with it.

When a truth comes to light that has the potential to break both of their worlds, Jordan and Brooks have to decide how deep their feelings really go, and just how much they are willing to sacrifice in order to be together. 

There is something about this book that has made it special. This is my first book by Kristen Kehoe and it won’t be my last. Ms. Kehoe has a very unique and interesting writing style. From the very first page to the last word of this I was immersed in a world built of beauty. It captivated me, made me feel so many different emotions. For me personally there is true depth and meaning to this story. It is a story of two people who although opposites still have a lot in common. They love, they laugh, they trust and they suffer together. It’s told in a dual point of view which I love. I always feel with some books that we miss out on what the hero has to say. In this he had a lot to say for a non -talker and he meant what he said.

Jordana “Jordan” Richards has had a privileged life with this life certain rules were set and she had to abide them, it was dictated from an early age, what to do, what to wear, what to eat and how to act. Although she comes from money she is down to earth in some ways but also naive in others. But what she does know is that she wants to change the life that she is currently living.

Since Jordan stated the following:

It smells so delicious I’d give my left tit just to continue smelling it for my life. Feeling brazen, I rip a piece of the bread off and pop it into my mouth. Sourdough. Still warm. Hello. Heaven. I’ve been waiting to meet you. Is there such a thing as a foodgasm? Because I just had one.

How can you not like her? Right?

Jordan hasn’t had a lot of love in her family. They are unemotional and dysfunctional, yes even rich people have problems. Her brother Mason is the golden child. After a family meal gone wrong, Jordan makes a list of things to change.

Brooklyn “Brooks” Novak is a nurturer, from a young age he has taken care of others. That includes his mother and his sister Ashton who suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Is emotional outlet? His art. Painting, drawing, sketching, mixed media but he has lost his creativity and the last three months have produced nada. He is down at the 7/11 to buy cigarettes to help kick start his inspiration.

Paths that shouldn’t cross, cross. Jordan tries to eat some cheap cake but that rebellion doesn’t pan out until that moment Brooks sees her as a Stopford Wife until he looks closer, takes a photo with Jordan’s knowledge and then just walks away. Yet with all good romance novels their paths cross again. His inspiration is back and they learn hard lessons and a lot from one another. Jordan becomes his muse.

Life’s not picky about who she slaps; the hit isn’t avoidable. I’ve learned that. It’s what we do in between blows that makes it worth it.”

Not only were Brooks & Jordan engaging as characters as well but the secondary characters made this book into something special as well. Malcolm, Hunter and Nala (Jordan’s roommate, surprise) are family not by blood that isn’t always important. They accept Jordan with open arms.

As fate will have it, Jordan’s brother and Brook’s sister start dating. It doesn’t end well though.

This book is about finding yourself, the person that you want to be and what you have to do, to actually achieve that. There are mesmerizing moments as well as poignant moments especially with what happens to Ashton it is tragic, heartbreaking and deeply disturbing on an emotional level. Well it was for me anyway. Different strokes and all that.

Writing this review didn’t come easy as there were so many touching moments to say and I highlighted about half of the book.

There was a different side to this book as well with happy, funny moments full of banter.

”You’re really a secret agent working for my mother. This is actually an intervention about my new, but very real addiction to bread, not a party.” “You’re funny, Red. How come I’m just learning this?” Don’t beat yourself up. It’s been three days. I’ve had eighteen years and I’m just figuring it out.” She points at me. “There it is again, which makes me believe this might not be as bad as I was thinking.”

Brooks as the strong and silent type sees everything. Jordan with her curiosity and zest to live her life to the fullest.

<i>She isn’t always strong, though; just like she isn’t always herself. She’s pockets of insecurity we feel each day, the failures we can’t avoid, the pain and the heartache.

Chemistry between Brooks and Jordan was palpable.

This girl. My muse. My heart. Mine

I could drown in Brooklyn Novak and never regret one sacrificed breath.

Insecurities, hurt, grief and pain gets in the way. He feels like he failed his sister so he will automatically fail Jordan. He is angry and feels that his desire and protectiveness won’t be enough. They get a happily for now and there is no other woman drama.

If the other books to come will be like this one then I can’t wait to read the rest of them.

I have one thing that I need to complain about and that is the formatting of the book but in all honesty not enough to dock a star.

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