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To stop a war, she must become his.

Analise, daughter of the Bear Elder, has status and luxury, though she’s a prisoner of her birth and despised by her father because she’s not the alpha son he needs. She keeps her head down and hoards lost knowledge that nearly destroyed the planet. She dreams of escape, but her father decides it’s time for her to marry.

He’s hated her and all she represents for years. But once he meets her…

Scar, rebel leader and were-polar bear, wants nothing more than to burn the clan system to the ground. It’s cruel, unfair, and dedicated to keeping most of the populace in its place. To do so, he needs to take out the Bear Elder and his scheming daughter. As soon as he sees the delicate beauty of his enemy, though, all he can think of is making her his. And he’s prepared to go to war to do so.

Not all battles need to be fought in the field. Some are of the heart and the mind and he intends to win hers, whatever it takes. Trouble is, what it takes might be all he has.

I wanted to read this book for the cover alone. I love it.

I really enjoyed this book not that that should really be a surprise. I tried one of Ms. Carter’s books a long time ago and it didn’t quite click but I clicked with this book. 3.5 Stars.

Analise is one of the Elders daughter she isn’t typical bear mate material but she still does have a spine of steel even if it is quiet and she hides it well. She is one of the few females that can bear an alpha cub and so her father is trying to marry her off to acquire an heir.

He is brutal towards her and the only happiness she ever had was of her childhood friend that was left to die on a cold winter’s night.

Analise gets introduced to her suitors of the other clans she isn’t impressed. That is until one of the outlaw leaders Scar drops by uninvited to the ball. He wants her and so a game of cat and mouse begins. Scar has secrets and I loved that bit of the story when it finally came out.

So there is the whole push and pull of the characters and they were good together. Analise’s behavior wasn’t the best and well Scar’s a dipshit Hero he does make amends but not enough in my opinion.  This is engaging and unique with a different take on shifters. The setting was slightly unclear for me as I wasn’t sure if this was somehow post-apocalyptic or not. When it finished I was astounded how much an easy read it was.



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