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Trapped on Earth thanks to Snow’s wicked stepmother, the gang is going stir crazy. Just when they think they can’t catch a break, Rumple shows up and offers his assistance. But everyone knows Rumple isn’t the altruistic sort. Suspicious, but out of ideas, Snow accepts his offer of help to get back home, only to find herself face to face with Max, her once upon a time lover. And he no longer looks so friendly.

Thrust headfirst into danger and betrayal, Snow and the gang will have to form unlikely alliances with ancient enemies in order to take down Naomi. But that isn’t all. Naomi has closed the portals with magic, trapping them, and choking off access to all the different realms, leaving Snow’s people destitute.

This is the moment when Snow will have to embrace her unknown powers in order to break the powerful spell cast upon the realms. Who can she trust when everything she knows changes? Sometimes fairytales don’t have happy endings. Snow is hell-bent on making sure this one does.


I waited ages for this book to be released over a year as that is when the first book in the series came out. Book two is outstanding.

I love revamps of fairy tales especially when they are really modern. Side note I loved the remake of Romeo and Juliet, with Leo and Claire and although I think Leo is very talented I’ve never really liked him in any other films.

But getting back to Snow’s Lament. This review is hard to write as there are so many things going on and with all the twists and turns in the book it is really hard NOT to give anything away.
4 ‘We’re not on Earth, anymore folks’ Stars.

Five fairy tale characters walk into a kitchen…..and awkwardness reigned supreme.
Beginning of a bad joke? Yes. Beginning of a unique twist on the fairy tale that we all loved as children? Hell yes!

In book one, Naomi Snow’s wicked stepmother may have won the battle but she didn’t win the war.

In book two Snow is trying to save her Kingdom and the Enchanted Forest. Slight problem though is that she is stuck on Earth with her merry band of misfits. She has the necklace but doesn’t know what to do with it. But with the help of Rumple, who apparently is one of the most gorgeous lumberjacks you have ever seen. And not to be trusted as he is the cursed one they get back to the Enchanted Forest and that is when the shit really hits the fan.

I was rooting to Max and Snow and I had high hopes but even I didn’t see that one coming. Snow made the ultimate sacrifice for her kingdom. I know that is complicated for Max as the Huntsman and that he was still under Naomi’s compulsion spell and even in the end the strongest can break. I believe that he did have feelings for Snow.

“I will get away from her, Snow.” He turned his head to me. “And when I do I will make you mine.”

Snow is still totally kick arse and I love her but she does have a strong foot in mouth syndrome. Ah, kindred spirits and all that. And I totally dig her knives and Sig and all the other gadgets she has.
With the twists and turns of the book there are now so many possibilities that can be explored. Avalon, Neverland, Wonderland, Oz and even Earth. I’m so excited about the progress this series can make. Baba Yaga gets a mention as well. Oh and frigging Merlin, who I think has a soft spot for Snow. I’d like to see how it turns out for Max and Snow.

Two things that irritated me was that Snow had too much self-doubt and she swayed from the important questions that needed to be asked. But we finally find out what Snow’s power is and that she gets it back.

“And just sometimes people must atone for the mistakes that they have made. In the end no matter the atrocities that we commit, we all have some humanity left”

The ending of the book intrigued me a lot.

The ancient being sat perched comfortably in a tree close to the queen’s dining rooms and watched as the fair beauty strapped on an odd assortment of weapons while still wearing her nightclothes. He was tired. Tired of the world. Tires of the wars. Tired of the killing, but there was something about her he never tired of watching.

Their paths had converged once, but a prophecy foretold if cataclysmic events to come. Events she was not, and never could be, prepared for.

If someone saw him in that instant, they would see a man with longing etched in every fiber of his being. A man captivated by a fiercely naïve queen….. A slight smile played over his features as he watched her for a second more.

Back to Camelot his thoughts distracted by a smartass black haired woman.

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