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What would you do if your entire world were ripped away?

What kind of person would you become at the hands of a Monster?

How far would you go to stop the bitter cold you felt deep in your bones?

Rena was taken from her only home, sold into the sex slavery and held against her will for two years. Waiting. Her broken soul is left waiting…waiting for the end.

After her rescue she is given a new start along with a new identity. Kira finds herself trying to move forward, to find her own way. She finds herself searching for fleeting moments of warmth in the things that had once brought her joy.

With a single touch Brendan is able to chase away all the cold. He melts the ice frozen around her soul, letting her finally see a possible future ahead. Through the darkest of situations they find love.

Can two broken people heal each other?

Can love be found in the most horrible of situations?

Would the warmth grow so strong, that it becomes Radiant?

The blurb sounded good with this book but in saying that I found the execution of the book difficult.

Rena was kidnapped at the age of seventeen and sold as a sex slave. Her captivity lasted two years in the last three weeks of her captivity she met her saving grace, her prince. 

This is more about the aftermath of trying to rebuild a life after such a horrific event has happened. I have a lot of empathy for heroine of the story and the obstacles that she had to overcome. She receives a new identity to start afresh.  

The Hero Brendan Grayson, a senator’s son was kidnapped and abused for three weeks until he was rescued. Both Brendan and Kira have a connection and there are ties that bind them together.  

Clever Ms. Med in figuring out how they met up again. But after that there were just things that bothered me. She goes and travels with Brandan to his parents and oh, his father is one of the people that used her as a sex slave. Didn’t like that combination at all.  

I felt that the writing was choppy which made it hard to hard to concentrate. With the use of an editor and beta readers so that it is tidied up then this would be a winner.

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