The Blueberry Lane Series Book 11

You’ve all met the children and Eleanora and Tom English… but how exactly did down-on-her-luck waitress, Eleanora Watters, meet trust fund hottie, Tom English?

You won’t want to miss this Christmas novel in two parts (each a complete novella – the first is a “Happily for now” ending and the second is a “Happily ever after” ending) that tells the story of how Eleanora met Tom, while he was visiting Vail in the 1980s.

I wasn’t going to read Marrying Mr. English although I love this series I just think that I wouldn’t have liked it. I was wrong Ms. Regnery writes wonderful books and this one was no different.

4 a modern fairytale stars.

Once upon a time, in a far way land, in Vail Colorado, it was a snowy December in 1981 (my birth year so it can only be frigging awesome) There was a hard working twenty something year old her name was Cinderella, ah I mean Eleanora Watters, with her slightly ditzy, really ditzy cousin Evie Marie.

Evie was forever looking for her knight in shining armour, her chance for true love came with Van, but Van had a fellow knight, really a prince, Tom English, who needed to be occupied so that Evie and Van could seal the deal.

 Tom English a strapping thirty something year old, was about to lose his inheritance, yes peasants even Princes can become poor. To achieve his girl he was to be betrothed but his bride to be ran off with someone else not that love was involved.

 But when Tom saw Eleanora his view changed unbeknownst to him at that moment he already fell in love. Eleanora however wasn’t interested but Evie was persistent. Elizabeth Barrett Browning brought them closer. Through their passion for literature and poetry their souls recognized a kindred spirit. Eleanora wants to help Tom so she agrees to become betrothed. They had to Vegas and tie the knot.

 Their coming together was something between a miracle and a dream. It was a simple transaction but their falling in love was not.

 They meet the King, err I mean the Grandfather (mean old bastard) to receive the inheritance but the King, err I mean the Grandfather denied the Prince. Either the commoner was to be gone or the money would be gone. He choose love and never regretted it. They lived a hard but happy life and the King admitted he was wrong.

 They had breakfast for dinner. Five strapping sons. They loved, they laughed, through thick and thin they have had thirty five beautiful years of marriage with many more to come. They lived their happily ever after but the moral of the story “But I warn you, the course of true love never did run smooth”

                                                                       THE END


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