The book starts off with a bang where Angel wakes up groggy and drenched in blood. After being framed for murder she is now a fugitive on the run. But not only that she promised Heath to protect his life and now there is high tech worth billions also missing.

Her safe houses are compromised as she wasn’t that far off the grid as she thought. Her task force is on her side but they can’t cross an official line. The one place where she can go and she knows she isn’t really welcome but where else can she go but Crystal Grove?

Former DEA agent Colton Williamson now math teacher Duncan Willis is bored out of his mind. He is in WITSEC cause of attempted murder and the culprit can with his help be put behind bars. So although he isn’t that keen on seeing Angel again it does give him some excitement.

They have to find the murderer and the high tech that has gone missing. They need clues and are following the bread crumbs but not everything is at it seems. There was never a boring moment with this book. It is face-paced and action-packed as well as it being a fast read. I enjoyed it very much. The author has solid writing and really knows what she is going on about.

Now, theoretically this book is right up my alley yet reality is a whole different level. I’m putting this all one me. I love the whole US Marshal gig and the witness protection aspect and yet I was under the impression that they weren’t an item and a thing before they meet again. Second chance romances aren’t really my thing especially when they go on and on about how it is such a bad idea and that she couldn’t have found someone else to help her. Yeah if you’d done that then we wouldn’t have a book. So shut up and deal with the consequences. I couldn’t quite connect to the characters but then again that is also me.





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