An incredibly sweet romantic holiday read. Maybe a tad too sweet for my liking.

Clare Franklin has been unlucky in love as she was about to get married and was left in the church she went on her Honeymoon to the Dominican anyway. Finally thinking that she might never get that passion that her parents have and her happily ever after shall be denied she gets tangled up with someone even though she is wary.

Deacon Montgomery is in the Dominican for a Vet Conference (seriously what vet conference has been held with sun, sea and sand) anyhoo a chance encounter leads him to meeting Clare. They get to know one another and live in the here and now.

I really liked Dean (he had the patience of a frigging saint) but Clare not so much. She didn’t throw herself a pity party although there were times where it was close. But life threw her a curve ball and she worked with it.

I like the chemistry they had going on and their banter made it all the sweeter. But can a holiday romance work out when they have left their bubble. They must find out the hard way.

The complications of life were real and through everything they never forgot one another even though the circumstances and fate weren’t working in their favor. That Deacon had to leave due to a family emergency, but he looked high and low for Clare. It is well written and engaging I was smiling a lot throughout the book.

Holiday romances aren’t really my thing, but I am a fan of this author’s work and decided to give it a try any way. It isn’t bad per se it’s just not my cup of tea. Although it did have the catnip single parent romance trope for me. Another thing that bothered me and I mean really bothered me is that she should have just phoned him up and told him.




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