Blow by Lucy Fall


October 3, 2017

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Lucy Fall




 March 21st 2017 






Have you ever done something so impulsive, so humiliating, so ridiculous, that you wished every day of your life you could take it back? Everyone in my town worshipped Hunter Rhodes. He was athletic, smart, gorgeous, muscular, and charismatic. I worshipped him too, only I did it from afar. I was nobody, a regular girl who wasn’t anywhere near Hunter’s league. But my feelings for Hunter grew as each month passed, until one day, I sat down and wrote him a letter. It was full of every secret fantasy, every dirty thing I wanted to do to him and have him do to me. How I wanted him to touch me, how I wanted him to take my virginity, how I wanted to love him and make him love me back. It contained all of my longing, my heartache. And then I did the dumbest thing of all. I sent it to Hunter Rhodes right before he enlisted in the military and went overseas. I knew he would never respond and he never did. But it wasn’t just because he didn’t know or care about me. Hunter Rhodes went to combat and disappeared. He was presumed dead and the entire town mourned for him. I did too. But at least I knew my horrible secret had gone away with him. Until one day, Hunter Rhodes came back home. Escaped from a year of captivity, he came back a changed man. He was no longer the charismatic Hunter Rhodes everyone knew. He was still sexy as hell, but now he was dark, damaged, full of scars and wounds he refused to talk about. And along with those deep scars and dark wounds, Hunter came back with my letter, and a devastating plan to make me act out everything I’d written. All of my deepest, darkest fantasies and desires would be made real. Even if it cost me everything…






Amazing Plotline for a DebutNovel. Parts of the plotline were hard to digest but in total it was really well developed and I would love to read more from this author, if the plotline is anywhere similar amazing to this



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