A Special Obsession by A.M. Hargrove


October 4, 2017

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 A Special Obsession


 A.M. Hargrove




March 23rd 2017







From the author of For The Love of English, comes a new a stand-alone contemporary romance.

Rule Number One: Never let anyone get too close…


Weston Wyndham has more money on his tattooed wrist than I’ll ever have in my bank account.

Drunk, he was gorgeous, wicked, sexy… an inked god.

Sober, he is the most arrogant man ever.


If he thinks I’m going to let him order me around like one of his servants, he’s wrong. If he wants me to date him after all this, he’s out of his mind. I don’t care how rich he is, or that he drives a Ferrari and a fancy truck. Those walls I put up are there for a reason … and they were built to last.But he’s relentless, and hot, and it turns out he likes his girls a little fiery. Giving in doesn’t have to mean disaster—unless I break my number one rule.


Special O’Malley is a handful. With a name like that, she ought to be. Sassy as hell, bossing me around, but damn if I don’t deserve it. I’m used to getting my way, dealing with difficult people, only she’s not buying any of it. Usually my money attracts women. Not Special. She doesn’t give a damn about it … or me. There’s more than one stubborn player in this game. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I’m not planning on giving up any time soon … at least not until I’m between her thighs, making her moan. And those concrete walls she has … I have news for her. Concrete crumbles if you strike at the right place.






This book was a nice surprise.. no let me rephrase that – it was a great surprise. I was debating a long time if I should read this book.


The plot sounded so good but I read a previous book by this author and I was only able to rate it with 2 stars and in such cases I am always careful when I come across the same author again.


I did not want to check on the reasons of giving that previous book that rating as I did not want to affect my opinion with it. But when I finally started reading this book I could not avoid having this lingering “thing” in the back of my mind wondering.


But those thoughts and worries all disappeared into thin air after the first obligatory 3 chapters I always give each book to make up my mind. Whatever was wrong in my opinion with that previous book is nowhere to be found in this one. It is well written, funny at times and always deep.


There really was nothing negative I could say about this book. Its more the opposite – on first glance the plotline seems to have been written already by other authors over the time. And in parts this might be true. But the combination of leads, their environment, the background & secondary characters is so unique that the setting is a complete new one that is worth reading to anybody who loves books of that genre


So if you read the Blurb and think it might be interesting – I am pretty sure you will like this book.



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