A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Katie Baldwin


September 30, 2017

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 A Kiss To Build A Dream On


 Katie Baldwin




 March 1st 2017






Bethany Michaels leads a fairly isolated existence, but she longs to be an outgoing and sexually confident woman. When her celebrity crush comes to town, and literally falls at her feet, her prayers seem to be answered. But can she protect her heart while still experiencing true passion?Hollywood celebrity Aidan Shannon, drunk and lost in small-town Virginia, finds himself in the home of a beautiful woman, and he finds her more than just a little alluring. Bethany is voluptuous and nurturing, fragile, yet steely. And that is a problem for a man who never wants to be tied to another woman again. Living in the now is good enough for Aidan and Bethany for the short term. When the universe steps in and shows them what’s important, will Aidan take a chance on love a second time around when his girl needs him?






A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Katie Baldwin is that kind of book that you will want to read when you have been dreaming since forever to have a few minutes alone with your favorite star.


You should not expect it to be totally realistic because that would raise questions at certain points of the story and this would be harming the feelings this book can evoke within you if you let it.


So please give the story some leeway – I had problems with that at the beginning too but after a while, when I let go of my stoic need for it to be realistic, I got into it and then it this plot worked for me.


The plot is well developed, the writing is good and with the exception of the few times where I felt it could be more realistic it was a really good story. Even a little different from other stories that cater to the “hunger” of the same audience.


Aiden felt like a nice enough guy most the times so it was easy to connect with him, with the exception of his strange behavior when it came to relationships.


But Bethany seemed a rather strange person and felt detached from everything. And because of this appearance it was a little difficult to connect and with her.


In total it was an good read and I would certainly pick up another book of this author if the blurb sounds good to me.



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