Carmen Jacobs lost her parents at a young age to a tragic incident crime. She is now an investigative journalist who has written a book about serial killers and what leads them to do what they do and the MO that they used.


Some killer with his kill club has decided to take on the task to copy the killings. Not a true copycat though. When she receives photos of what the trucker killer did she goes to the authorities. She doesn’t receive a warm welcome as they think that it is a stunt to promote her book. She then goes to the one person who doesn’t want to help her but she trusts. Griffin Archer.


Griffin Archer high tech billionaire never expected to see Carmen again but this time it is different. She begs for his help. He is a genius and a recluse but in the end he can’t help but go after Carmen who is following a clue in Kansas City.


It is a cat and mouse game. Where family lies, betrayals and secrets come to light. Where the author shows us that one of the seven deadly sins and sick psychopaths leads to a killing spree of epic proportions.


Who doesn’t like a romantic suspense book with a good old serial plot? Well I do. I just didn’t like this one.


It started off strong and with all Ms. Ivy’s books somewhere along the way I lost interest and got bored. I don’t know why I do it to myself. Glutton for punishment maybe?


I most certainly am in the minority here because the book is engaging. It is well written and it has a strong plot with solid characters. So why didn’t I like it? To be honest I really do not know.


I predicted a lot of who it all was and what really happened to Carmen’s parents. I had a feeling who it could be and who he was working with. I really do not know if I will read any more of the books in this series.

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