Stranger, speak softly…

Biotech tycoon Noah Gallagher has a deadly secret: his clandestine training as a super-soldier gives him abilities that go far beyond human. Yet he’s very much a man. When Caro Bishop shows up at his Seattle headquarters with a dangerous secret agenda, his ordered life is thrown into chaos. Caro is a woman like no other—and her luminously sensual beauty cloaks a mystery he must solve.

Caro’s lying low, evading a false charge of murder. She means to clear her name, and she’ll do whatever it takes to survive—but seducing a man like Noah is more than she bargained for. His amber eyes have the strangest glow when he looks at her—she could swear he sees the secrets of her heart. The desire smoldering in Noah’s eyes awakens her own secret hunger, but Caro has to resist his magnetic pull. Anyone close to her becomes a target. The only right thing to do is run, far and fast, but Caro can’t outrun Noah’s ferocious intensity—or deny the searing passion that explodes between them.

Nothing else matters—until a vicious enemy bent on the ultimate revenge puts his murderous plan into play. Noah and Caro must battle for their lives…and their love…


This blurb sounded amazing…

Genetically modified humans with special abilities. Very cool.

With a somewhat scientific twist to it. Even better.

With a kickarse heroine and an alpha male Hero to die for. Sign me up.

Unfortunately the book frustrated me to no end. There is good frustration when it comes to books but there is frustration that drives you up the wall and where you want to pull your hair out because the characters are just irritating as hell.

I fell into the latter category. This book has so much potential which could have made the book easily a five star read.

The beginning and the world that Ms. McKenna created is captivating and sucked me in. Getting to know the complex characters was a pleasure to read.

Obsidian turned them into super soldiers when they were teenagers and their time was up until they rebelled and escaped form Midlands part of Obsidian.

Noah is a modified human, a CEO of a company. Cold hearted, analytical, logical and void of emotion. That is until his sister Hannah buys him a belly dancer for his birthday and his world is filled with colour.

There is instant attraction but Caro doesn’t have time for the distraction as she is on the run and being framed for a murder that she didn’t commit.

But Noah can’t seem to let her go after their one unforgettable night they spent together. Noah is controlling with everything even his tribe of fellow misfits who also escaped from Midlands.

I liked him until everything he did took over the whole book and then just became too much. Caro didn’t trust anyone. I get it due to the loss that she experienced but there was just too much back and forth between them.

Don’t get me wrong I love me some sex and hot scenes in a book but every time we would get to an interesting aspect of the overall plot they would have sex. They didn’t talk but had sex when it came to talking at any time they had sex. Yes I think through him being modified that was the reason why they had such an intense connection.

The story dragged on and admittedly I skimmed but I think I got lost somewhere along the way. It started off strong and then it fizzled out picked up again and fizzled out.

I will continue in the series as this is a good start to the series.



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