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JD Hewlitt gave up the good life.

He quit his high-stress job, sold his high-rise condo, and left his high-maintenance girlfriend behind to start over in Nashville. Three years later, his band Wilder is still struggling for the recognition they deserve and his hopes aren’t what they used to be. Out of the blue he gets a call that an ex-girlfriend passed away – leaving him a child he didn’t know he had. To make matters worse, his six year old daughter, Andie, is a demon.

Kelsey Conklin never had the good life.

She’s always taken care of everyone and everything around her, including her entire family. But now it’s just her and her two kids. She’s packed up her past and moved them all to Nashville to start over. All she really wants is a quiet life and she’s pretty sure she knows how her story works.

But JD and Andie need her. And it turns out that she and her kids need them, too. Somewhere along the way, JD becomes something she can’t live without, and something she never thought she’d have.

With a little ingenuity, they can make this work. And maybe JD knows what she needs better than she ever did. . . .


I’m really not entirely sure how to rate this book. This is a slow burner romance and when I mean slow, I really mean slow. It went at a snails pace which isn’t necessarily bad.  

 I enjoy how the author’s main focus is on the family and friends aspect and how success comes second but also plays an important part.  

JD is trying to hit the big time with his band but on top of leaving his cushy job he then finds out that he has a daughter. What I liked is that we see JD with when he already has Andie and that he can’t cope at all. He has no idea what to do with a five year old. All is not what it seems with Andie but sometimes it is about doing the right thing in life more than anything else.  

Kelsey is a one of a kind woman. She has taken care of everyone in her life but no one has ever taken care of her. After the death of Andrew she has been going through the motions while moving to Nashville she looks after Daniel and Allie her children. Her family background is complicated to say the least.  

While at Target she sees the temper tantrum that Andie throws and takes pity on JD. Turns out they are neighbors. Small world right? 

Throughout their interaction with one another and getting to know one another they become closer but due to the friendship they start to have feelings for one another.  

There were times where they just couldn’t get their heads out of there arses. Those times were often and my kindle nearly suffered under their pig-headedness.  But I can say that it drove me bat shit crazy well the main characters did at least. I was inpatient and they were just prolonging the inevitable.

 Usually I don’t like the whole older woman, younger man even it is only about two year difference but this was surprisingly good.  

In my personal opinion I thought the book could have been shorter with the story tightened up here and there. There was too much or their daily routine. I can’t imagine how hard that must be to balance out. There were also times where I got confused with all the names that were similar Andie was JD’s kid which was ok. But the author kept on chucking Andi/Andrew in for the one character. Please stick to one name. 

A good, strong start to a promising series. My most anticipated book is either Alex/TJ. So that means if you haven’t figured it out then I will continue with the series once the others are out. 

 So after a week of not getting my head out of me arse and thinking how to rate it I have decided to give it 3.5 Stars.
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