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Kelvin Jackson doesn’t do guns, gangs, or crying women. So how does he end up in a rural cartel compound in Mexico with crates full of Russian made weapons and a crying beauty?

On a remote viewing session Kelvin Jackson sees a crying woman in a warehouse full of Russian made guns. Something about the strong woman draws him and he convinces his boss that he should be the operative to go undercover and stop those weapons from being distributed.

Eva Pacheco, the bruja, is trapped in her little hometown, barely more than a prisoner to her father’s demands.

But when he starts dealing with Russian mobsters, she knows she has to get her younger brother out and she’ll use any means to accomplish her goal.

Kel and Eva are irresistibly drawn to each other against all logic. Their forbidden attraction only grows as her father seems to push them together. But neither is what they seem and when their hidden agendas are revealed both are left reeling from the consequences.


Nostradamus’s personal family book of quatrains.

In order to serve, the descendant from the North must be present
The East will take notice
To save the witch from the South
Trouble will come to the West

Ms. Hughey certainly found her groove with this book compared to the first one of the series. I found the first book difficult to read due to the main characters more specifically the heroine I was sure if I was going to read the second book but I’m glad I did.

The MC in this book are fantastic. Both equally strong with flaws. They both have a hidden agenda and when it comes out what they were both trying to work towards there was no drama. Which I loved. The interaction between the main characters didn’t feel forced even with their hidden agenda half the time I forgot about it. They had chemistry with one another. The plot and the love interest were balanced out well and they didn’t deflect from one another.

I see a story with Hawk and Sylvie in the future. I think you’re going to need help with this Sylvie.

Unique and different.

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