4 Honey Badgers are bloody brilliant Stars!

The MacKilligan gals are a riot all three of them. The sneak peek enticed me and the prologue hooked me. Charlie, Max and Stevie are the best. The BEST.

Charlie MacKilligan is the oldest of the sisters she is the calm one, the worry wort, the one who gets shit sorted out and with their POS father there is a lot of shite for Charlie to get sorted. She is a honey badger/she wolf hybrid shifter who can’t actually shift but she is totally kickarse, well all of them are.

Chapter 1 commences with Charlie being woken up in her hotel room by a phone call that she is to get the hell out of there because once again people are trying to kill them. Yes, it isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

She jumps onto the balcony below with full human military on her arse into the room of Berg Dunn, grizzly and a triplet so he knows all about crazy arse families after helping a girl out with a Ruger he thinks that he will never see her again.

Berg Dunn is a fantastic Hero and he goes along with Charlie doing her thing with the MacKilligan’s basically trying to keep her sisters from killing everyone who is a threat. She has a wedding to keep on track and is living in Queens in the bear neighbourhood.

Ah so this is a Shelly Laurenston book so of course they will see one another again. This time in New York and things are about to get dicey, also scary but really interesting.

There were so many laugh out loud moments, moments where I chuckled and moments where it was a close call and nearly peed me pants.

There were a lot of characters that where from the Pride series so I was a bit lost at times. I also needed to see more couple action. I really like this author and will read more. I can’t wait for Max & Stevie to get their books but the books with how well they are written and with all the humour can for me personally only be taken in small doses.



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