Women loathed me without even knowing my name. Men coveted the very idea of me.

Escort. Call girl. Prostitute. Hooker. Whore.

I’d heard it all. Done it all.

Over the years I’d felt a lot of things about my occupation…but not regret–never regret. I had my reasons for doing what I did and nothing and no one had ever made me question them.


He’d changed me and I’d naively fed into the fairy tale.

But Marco wasn’t my Prince Charming. He had secrets of his own. Secrets that would eventually rip away everything I held dear.


Dear Elisabeth,

May I call you Elisabeth? Yes/No? Well I’m going to anyway. To answer your question.

Was it possible to write about an inherently good person doing bad things and have readers root for her?

Yes Elisabeth you did. Every step of the way I was rooting for the heroine. I’m still rooting for her now. And to be honest I think that this is one heroine that I won’t forget this year.

4’This ain’t Pretty Woman peeps’ Stars.

Experience the life on an escort in Las Vegas. Or more than likely Brandi’s life as an escort in Las Vegas. We first meet Brandi with a john and get a feel for her character. I shall only refer to her as Brandi in this book as we don’t find out her real name to the very end. This aspect of the book I loved.

She is real she doesn’t make herself out to be anything that she isn’t. She is candid about her job.

Yes I let them use my body. But I used them, too. I took their money, and in return I fulfilled their deepest fantasies.

She is funny, smart and loyal and will go above and beyond for those that she loves and this is where I was caught and captivated. We find out why she does what she does. She doesn’t have daddy issues or a drug problem. It is unconditional love that makes her do the things that she does.
I. Don’t. Judge. You. Quite the opposite I understand you. Wouldn’t you do anything for your child? We see what her evenings are like and what her days consist of how she looks after her son, Daniel who has muscle dystrophy. A single mother with a special needs kid. Each interaction that she had with her son only solidified the compassion I felt for Brandi.

I personally really liked Brandi. I don’t know how I would have dealt with Brandi’s profession but I wanted to be her friend. I didn’t want her to be alone. I wanted her to share her pain, her hopes and her dreams. What a ride, what an emotional rollercoaster.

This book is outstanding, it is riveting and an engaging read. I laughed at the GFE/PSE, I cried. All the emotional ques set by the author where met to my emotional responses.

The Hero of the book is Marco Valenti. He is a new john for Brandi and their first encounter is unique. It is a battle of the wills but one thing is for sure Brandi is most likely to fail all three escort rules epically.

Somehow my body knew what I didn’t already. Marco Valenti would be the springboard in my life that caused everything to change.

Marco is smooth, intelligent, and powerful combined with his Adonis good looks and being rich and last but not least let’s not forget the Italian accent. He is lethal for any woman. Even the White Witch from Narnia would drop her panties for him.

Marco books Brandi and what started out as a one-time booking turned into a lot more. But Marco has enemies and they have set their sight on Brandi to get what they want from him. He is possessive and obsessed and will do anything for Brandi. He is very alpha but it doesn’t border on treating Brandi like an object. And other men touching her? No.

“I didn’t want his hands on me.” My breath was shallow as I admitted what I’d been trying so hard to keep hidden.

“Why?” His dark eyes were searching as he looked down upon me. “Because they weren’t yours.”
This is where it got difficult for me where I would have liked to have seen his POV because although his character is three dimensional I felt disconnected to him because I didn’t get enough insight to how he ticked. But he accepts her life, her job, her son.

They form a tight relationship I can’t really say what the time span is in how long they knew one another. They were good together. They have chemistry.

“I knew we would be amazing together.” I didn’t admit it to him, but I’d known it too.

I felt as if they could have had a more emotionally connection and although that did happen it happened at the very end and therefore for me it felt rushed. They briefly touch on the demons and the scars that they have. I know why dwell on the past. But at times he is so sweet.

“I see you for who you really are. I don’t look at you and see what you do to make money. I see the woman, the mother, the lover, the friend.”

And then the unthinkable, the unimaginable happens what I never would have really thought Ms. Grace would write and her my heart stopped.

I screamed, the sound of the gunshot reverberating through my head and ripping my soul to shreds. Mine too Brandi, mine too.

And here we see what kind of impact one small word can have.

The eyes of the man I thought loved me bore into me from above, and the realization hits- he is the one responsible.

By the way – I’m still hoping that I’m wrong.

There were some things that niggled at me and apart from that I have nothing negative to say about the book. I also took a gamble with this book as I requested an ARC for the second book and thought, no problem I’ll read the first. All good. Now as Murphy’s Law is my best friend I realized the error of my ways and thought oh shit if you don’t like it then what are you going to do about reading the second one. Well I would have to force myself or skim. Luckily for me I loved this book so it all didn’t backfire on me.

Luckily for me I can go off and read book two.


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