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I thought I knew what Hell was like.
I thought I had been living it all these years on Earth—abandoned, forgotten, and left with a dangerous secret that not only made me the Se7en’s #1 target but also turned me into a deadly weapon, a threat to every human in my path.
I was wrong.

In order to survive Lucifer’s plans for me, and his unquenchable thirst for more power, I have to surrender my humanity. I have to lose a part of myself in order to find my way back to him.
Back to the demon who saved me, only to break me.
Back to Legion.

But even supreme evil has its limits, and the real foes never show their devastatingly beautiful faces.
Forget fire and brimstone. They aren’t shit compared to what’s coming.

Centuries-old bonds will be broken. Unlikely alliances will be forged. And innocent blood will be spilled. Blood that will stain my hands for the rest of my mortal days.

I thought I knew what Hell was like.
I was wrong.
Hell is coming.
Hell is just the beginning.



4 begrudgingly yet deserving stars from me.

And lead us not into temptation. “But deliver us from evil.”

In this case it is very fitting… otherwise there is nothing wrong with temptation.

End of Eden is the second series in the book of the Se7en Sinners series and it picks off exactly where the first one finished. I was offered an ARC and jumped at the chance to read it.

Eden sacrificed herself to save her sister and willingly took Lucifer’s hand. She is taken to Hell and let me just say her time in Hell was full of depravity, sin and I can stomach a lot but holy shite Ms. Jennings there were times where I felt really uncomfortable. She does have someone on her side. Who helps her sidestep as much difficulty with Lucifer that at least is possible.

What seems like weeks for Eden staying in Hell has actually only been a several hours. In the meantime Legion makes deal with King Dorian to get Eden out of Hell. Best way is to go back to Hell. The Dark Prince Niko steps in at the right time or actually they are let go by Lucifer. The question is why though?

Once Eden escaped well let go from Hell up until that point I really did like her. She is a strong heroine with a misguided heart of gold. I liked her until she got a stupid notion in her head where I wanted to smack her so hard. It balanced out again after a while and she seemed to have gained her intelligence back but then, then she went back to idiotic. She made my head hurt. As a contradiction

I do understand her

I’m constantly surround by alarmingly stunning creatures steeped in myth and fantasy. The Se7en. Warlocks. Even Lucifer in all his glorious horror. So much terrifying beauty lies within this ugly black smudge of iniquity. As if I needed yet another reason to remember what I am- pathetically, tragically human.

But it STILL doesn’t make it any better. There were eye rolling moments of epic proportion
IMO. Eden has to come clean about something.

“The logical thing would have been to come clean” – Yeah Eden you think? Well done there love.


Legion states that “Ariel is nothing it is you have to believe me, confesses his undying love well along those lines at least. Eden well I guess I should believe him then…God woman did you leave your brain cells in Hell? Cause something has gone wrong.

She decides to move back in with her sister. Hello? You are a wanted woman really what the hell are you thinking? And then she goes on a date with some unknown guy? Careless Eden. Really careless. It didn’t make any sense to me why the author would add it to the plot until it finally did make sense.

Legion regrets his actions in the previous book and he is all in when it comes to Eden even to the point where he has imprinted on her. A human with a fallen angel turned demon.

In time there is more to the adversaries of the Alliance where one of them becomes an ally instead of a foe. Eden gets to meet the missing Daddy dearest after so long. But there is something bigger out there. The Seraph. And they want something back.

I have mixed emotions on this one. I love the author’s writing style and the language and profanity that is used. It gave the characters added depth. All in all it was like a rollercoaster ride. There is an open end where I assume that there will be a book three to the series. I would love to see Niko have a book and Christian from the Alliance.

All in all though Ms. Jennings has created a unique world where you root for all characters involved. It is a rollercoaster of a ride. It is a darker kind of paranormal romance there is nothing sweet about this. I am really intrigued to read the third book.


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