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The final book in the bestselling, award-winning series…

She’s the heart of O’Kane liquor.

He’s the brains of the revolution.

They’re facing a war that could end their world. Again.

On December 13th, the Beyond series comes to its climactic conclusion with Nessa and Ryder’s story–and the final battle between the sectors and Eden.




4.5 Wasted Chances Stars.

The lights are out and Eden is dark…. The war has come and things will never be the same. The sectors are united and it is all or nothing in this final instalment.

Nessa the princess of O’Kane liquor has lived a very secluded life growing up in the sectors. She is a big part of the O’Kanes but for everything that has been happening in the series Nessa is very naïve.

Nessa has been burnt in the past. She was only used for the knowledge she had of making booze. Since then she hasn’t given any man more than she has wanted to give. Even if it is just a steamy night but all changes with one sector leader.

No dangerous men for her. No matter how much they made the butterflies dance.

Jim Jerrigan groomed a revolution in a person, a rebel, a leader Michael Ryder to lead the sectors to victory. Ryder is now the leader of sector five he never wanted to be but he is part of the rebellion. With the little black murder book that has been passed down shite is about to get real. He is the golden child.

There is no room for mercy. Brutality at its finest and I loved every moment of it. The one constant in the storm? Nessa and Ryder finding to one another. Although Nessa caves.

“Do it. Ruin all my rationalizations. Ruin me.”

For all their differences Nessa and Ryder are similar. They are both lonely. They both do things that are a given and expected and not wanted. After the war they can get to dream. They are one another’s beacon yet what to do once it is all over?

“Close your eyes and dream, Ryder.” §I don’t know how,” he confessed. She touched his cheek. “I’m good at dreaming. I can come up with ten dreams right now […] “I’m an O’Kane princess. I never run out of dreams.”

I was fucking ecstatic to read this book but also scared shitless because I wanted the book , the couple and the end of the series to live up to my expectations what we get from Kit Rocha. My wants, needs and expectations for this book and the end of the series was epic. I loved nearly every single moment of it. I laughed, I cried and I got all sentimental about all the couples, the loss the pain and the grief. The sex scenes aren’t as freely as in the previous books but the books

All the loose ends are tied up. IMO. The ending bittersweet but leaves so much more room for more.

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