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Adrian Maddox fled his royal life—and tragic past—in Sector One, choosing instead to join up with the O’Kanes. For years, he’s lived by one rule: love fast, love hard, and always be willing to walk away. He’s managed to guard his heart, keep it whole and untouched—until now.

They couldn’t be more different—Dylan, the brilliant, burned-out doctor from Eden who drowns his pain with drugs and self-destruction. Scarlet, the sensuous, sexy rocker from Three, a woman unafraid to embrace the world. And Jade, the whore turned spy from Sector Two, who battled addiction and came out stronger than anyone he’s ever met.

Separately, they make Mad long to open his heart, to tumble head-first into a sea of possibilities and wild love. Together, they make him burn, inside and out, with lust and unbearable, unimaginable pleasure.

Then one fateful moment shakes their world to its foundations—and leaves the sectors on the verge of all-out war with Eden. It’s the biggest fight the O’Kanes have ever faced, and Mad and his lovers are at the dead center of it. They could end up with everything they never knew they wanted—or lose it all. Including their lives.  



I am absolutely blown away by the seventh book in the series. I know that my review will most certainly not do the book justice in any way whatsoever. If you read my reviews then you know that I didn’t really like Beyond Innocence but hey no pain no gain and you have to read it before you can read this book as it adds a lot to the overall plot of the story. And this was an even sweeter read because of that fact.

Ms. Rocha creates a dystopian world beyond my expectations. It is gritty, hard, lascivious, raw and fucking intense. From the first book I was hooked and each one got better and better. I really don’t know how they do it. I can only assume that their other halves really benefit from it as well. The world building is superb and I know that there have been some complaints about not knowing where it takes place but for me that is the best part of the series.

I can use my own imagination as everyone uses their own and they get their own personal Sectors and Eden. This series isn’t for everyone. There is kinky fuckery and I loved every moment of it. Personally as it is so out of the box and borders are crossed I can see why it is a great success.

Although each book concentrates on a certain couple or in this case couples. The overall plot and story was explosive. There are four protagonists in this book.

5 ‘Not so twisted, anymore. Glorious’ Stars.

Maddox, Sector One’s lost son of a prophet, who can’t be what his people want him to be. Not after what happened to his mother, what he had to endure and to what lengths he lost his father. He loathes himself that he could become a martyr without even trying hard. At a young age he fled for Sector Four and joined Dallas O’Kane right from the start. Maddox has never let himself someone he has always let them move on.

Scarlet, a street rat from Sector Three, she is unapologetically herself. She is protective, dangerous, and stubborn and she has trouble written all over her. She has lived a hard life but she has lived her life she lost a lot after the bombing of Sector Three. With a huge heart, with enough room for all of them. She is forgiving and takes the negative with the positive.


Doc, or Dylan who grew up in Eden where you don’t have anything unless you pay the price. After two tragic losses he turns to self-medication. But boy is he in silver fucking fox territory. I have a thing for men who are silver foxes. A doctor, a good doctor nonetheless he was a tool for Eden to torture citizens. He might not have the tattoos but he is an O’Kane. He is on a self-destructive path if he continues the way he already is. He needs to care for people not as a doctor but more as a nurturer.

Jade, one of Sector Two’s finest courtesans and another spy. A wealthy spy at that. Who can spill bucket loads of secrets and is wealthier than anyone ever expected. Jade or Jyoti came to Sector Four with a drug problem but beat it. She is stronger than she thinks she is. Jade out of all of them has the strongest character development throughout the book.

They all have their weakness and they complement each other.

Mad & Dylan have an intense relationship and what they get say in words to one another they show with the actions that they make. They are explosive together.

But they want more specifically with two sexy ladies.

Jade & Scarlet also have a relationship, they also want to be with Mad & Dylan but how do you bridge that difference?

A twisted fucking game,” Dylan murmured. “That’s what you called it. You want to drag them into it for real?” “Maybe it’s only twisted if they don’t get a chance to play it.”

They balance each other out. Scarlet & Mad are the light.

“It’s who they are. Sweetness and light. I want to see them shine together.”

But there is Jade & Dylan who are on the other side.

“What are you afraid I’ll see? Too much darkness, or not enough?” “I wouldn’t worry at all if I was sweetness and light, like Mad or Scarlet. But I’m not and neither are you.”

There are so many beautiful moment between all of them that it is hard to list them all and the in-depth meaning that they have for one another with just typing quotes down from the book.

There were moments were my heart broke for all four of protagonists but for all of the O’Kane family be it Lex when she was searching for her sister. Be it the news that Rachel told Cruz, Ace & the O’Kane family. Be it Dallas giving Flash, Amira and their daughter Hanna a way out. The O’Kanes love without boundaries. But there were also moments were I felt all hot and fuzzy.

So basically I am ALWAYS for the underdog. We all like a good underdog story/plot/series and this really does deliver. It has everything from pushing your limits, to realising that with people at your back you will get through all that is to come. The sectors aren’t fighting together anymore. Eden will fall, they’ve lost more than the sectors have.

Ashwin finally cashes in his favour from Cruz.
“Ashwin.” “Cruz.” Ashwin ignored the gun – and ignored Bren, too. “I need a favour. You owe me one”
A tablet filled the screen with a pretty, blonde – and familiar. He’d last seen Kora Bellamy when she saved Ace’s life.
“She’s in Sector One.” Ashwin said quietly.
“And?” “I need you to find her. Take her somewhere safe.”
There was no risk, no danger, no reason Ashwin couldn’t have done it himself already. Chilled, he stared back. “What else, Ashwin?” “Hide her. Don’t tell me where she is.” “And if you come back, asking?”
Not all Mahai soldiers can mimic emotions well.
“Not telling me is the favour.” “Understood.” Cruz said.
Holy shite, bloody brilliant. A book with Ashwin would be fucking epic. This leads to it hopefully fingers crossed anyway.
Cruz wouldn’t be telling anyone where he stashed Dr. Kora Bellamy. When Ashwin came looking for her-and Ashwin would come looking for her-Cruz needed to be the only person standing in his way.
As a plot development for me I could see an outside influence approaching. What is behind the Sectors? Well there is a desert that is written in the book but what is beyond the desert?

I really have no fucking clue how I managed to write a review for this book. With collages and gathering thoughts it took me about four hours and who fucking knows if it is any good and no I’m not fishing for compliments I’m just being fucking honest.

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