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For years, Jared has existed on the fringes of both Eden society and Dallas O’Kane’s Sector Four gang. He travels between these worlds, protected by his money and power–money he earned selling his body, and power that comes from knowing secrets. He’s untouchable—until he starts a new life gathering intelligence for the O’Kanes.

Lili Fleming walked out of Sector Five with a gun, the bloodstained clothes on her back, and an icy determination to survive. She finds herself in a world where people live hard and love harder, and nothing’s more terrifying than how much the O’Kanes wake her up, make her feel—especially Jared.

Emotion is a risk he can’t afford, and a complication she doesn’t need. But neither can resist the lust simmering between them, and the sparks that could either melt the ice around both their hearts…or get them killed. Because the only thing more dangerous than loving an O’Kane is loving a spy.

I wasn’t really keen on reading book six in this series. I was very tempted to skip it but a) I don’t like skipping books and b) as there is an ongoing story throughout each book there were some important things that I missed out on. I always came back to this book on my reading shelf but each time I chickened out but now that this beauty has been released

I just knew that I had to read it even if I had the feeling that I wouldn’t like it as much as the others which was confirmed once I finished the book. 

My verdict is that it isn’t utter shite but it isn’t bloody epic either. But I still give it 3 ‘Us’ Stars.


My main issues were that in the other books we only got glimpses of Jared and I wanted no needed to see more of him. He was a wildcard for me. Turns out he is pretty darn good. He has a certain vulnerability about him that makes him very attractive. He appears to be cultured but deep down he has always protected himself emotionally from his job. He is a seducer of the women of Eden with pillow talk he has gathered a lot of information to benefit the O’Kanes.

I nearly stuck needles in my eyes when I read how Lilli was acting but given the chance and reading the things that she went through made me be more lenient on her. She was thrust into a world that she didn’t understand. There were no personal gains for the O’Kanes and Lilli learnt that it was always a give and take. More give than take. We all do what we have to survive. She has no clue about sex, emotions, friendship or love. All she ever was meant to be was a trophy wife.

Lilli Fleming, well what is there to say about Lilli apart from that:

“She shot a guard in the face and walked out of Five. In a virginal nightgown and a fucking fur coat covered in blood.”

At one of the famous O’Kane parties they meet.

“I’m Jared.”
“I’m Lilli,” she said instead,
“I know who you are.”
“Is that a problem? Who I am?” In response, he flashed her his naked wrists, clearly visible beneath the rolled up sleeves of his shirt. “It doesn’t matter what I think.”

Like recognises like.

“I see you.” “Yes” He dropped a kiss to her collarbone. “You do.”

Jared is turning into a spy for the O’Kanes and will be opening an underground club. But he is trying to keep it from Lilli but in the end he tells her the truth. There are a lot of

I liked them together they have chemistry and there are some hot scenes together.

He froze and shook his head. “Take them off.” “What?” “You heard me, Miss Lilli.” His voice was low, steady and wrapped an unmistakeable command. “Take off your fucking panties.”

They both came to a self-discovery of a sorts.

Lilli barely understood love, but she already knew two things- it would be dangerously easy to fall in love with Jared, and the broken heart would be worth it.

With Lilli, he didn’t have to be perfect. He just had to be Jared.

The ending was the best part of the book and no not because it finished because Lilli finally became someone strong. Jared is arrested in Eden and taken to be tortured. Not really for information by a council man whose wife regularly visited Jared as a seducer. Although it was under the pretence that he was a spy. But the end result worked for everyone, even the councilman that was in the O’Kanes pocket.

“He wasn’t supposed to send anyone,” he choked out. “And he sent you?” “No one sent me.”
“They never would have asked, but they didn’t have to. You were mine to save not theirs.”

Jared and Lilli run the underground club together now.

I couldn’t give it more than 3 stars as not a lot happened between Lilli and Jared in comparison to the other books. I feel as if this is more a filler than anything else as there was more of the political building and moving in a direction to make Eden fall to its knees. I also wonder when you have been doping yourself up with all types of medications for at least six years and your stash was running out or gone, wouldn’t you get withdrawal symptoms? Wouldn’t you be craving the meds?
It seems that Lilli had no problems whatsoever. I don’t think that playing the piano and cooking can actually cure with that problem.

Even having Rachel, Cruz and Ace back in this book and all the naughty things that they got up to didn’t help very much either.

I can’t wait for Jeni and Hawk to get a book. I really hope that they get one.


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