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Title: Rock King (Nothing But Trouble, Book 1)

Author: Tara Leigh @TaraLeighBooks

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Rockstar Romance

Release Date: February 20, 2018

Cover Designer: Forever Romance

Rock King (Nothing but Trouble, #1)

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Book Description:

Fans of Kristen Callihan and Kylie Scott will scream for this sizzling bad boy rock star romance!

I’m not who you think I am.

Shane Hawthorne has it all. At least, that’s what the headlines say about me. I have millions of fans, awards, more money – and women – than I know what to do with. But what you don’t see is the wreckage I’ve caused. The memories and pain I can’t escape, even when I pour them into music and spin them into gold.

I tried to forget. To lose myself in booze and groupies. It didn’t work. It hurt me and – worse – it hurt my band. That’s the last thing I want to do, so I’m cleaning up my act… starting with Delaney Fraser.

Gorgeous, smart, drama-free, and even nice – Delaney is the perfect “girlfriend.” When I’m with her I don’t have to pretend. It’s like she sees the real me. And I can see a future with her. But that’s dangerous. Because the truth is, Shane Hawthorne doesn’t actually exist. He’s a shield to hide who I really am. Fraud. Runaway. Addict. Murderer.

And it’s impossible to love a lie, right?


The Nothing but Trouble series:

Rock King

Rock Legend

Rock Rebel


About Tara:

Tara Leigh attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia Business School in New York, and worked on Wall Street and Main Street before “retiring” to become a wife and mother. When the people in her head became just as real as the people in her life, she decided to put their stories on paper. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children and fur-baby, Pixie.


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EXCERPT (294 words):

Shane Hawthorne wanted me, Delaney Fraser, to be his girlfriend? Something told me I should make a break for it, leave now before he reduced my world to rubble. But I didn’t. I stayed put, waiting for him to supply more details. Waiting for Shane to redefine my world, because as far as I knew, relationships didn’t require conference rooms and contracts.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the gossip rags. I’m no choir boy. But I’m not looking for drama, Delaney. When I’m on the road, fans and groupies are constantly trying to sneak their way into my dressing rooms, hotel rooms, even onto the tour bus and private planes. The best way to discourage them is by having a beautiful woman by my side. I want that woman to be you.”

I tilted my head to the side, something telling me I should read between the lines, but I didn’t even understand where the lines were. “Me?”

A rumble erupted from deep in Shane’s chest. Dear God, his laugh was even sexier than his voice. “Yes, you.” He widened his thighs, pulling my chair closer and drawing my knees between his legs.

As if in slow motion, I watched his hand coming toward me, a shiver of pleasure rolling down my spine as it curved around the back of my neck, his fingers blazing a path into my hair as he leaned forward. Then all I felt was Shane’s full lips descending on my own, his mouth brushing against mine in a whisper-soft caress. But he pulled back too quickly, leaving me wanting more. My eyes fluttered open, absorbing the impact of his provocative grin like a kick to the solar plexus.

This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening.

And then it happened again.




What to expect when reading a Rockstar novel ?

Well there are basically two no wait THREE ways this experience can go.

Lets start with the worst… something superficial over the top with unlikeable characters – ok lets forget about this third option fast…

The other two options are for one .. the cliché … the Rockstar that has everything plus a fan falling in love with him. They meet – he falls for the fan … – some drama is about to happen – they reconnect and hopefully HEA.
That is the classic version and it’s a good one – no misunderstandings …

And then there is this last option – the one that you really have to search for. It’s the one that offers you more then the other – this version will offer you all the classics plus more. That more can be pain, depth, deeper characters and if you are lucky even some suspense.

And if you happen to stumble across this review here than that is because you came across a book of that third category. Rock King (Nothing But Trouble #1) by Tara Leigh is such a book. It is the first book from this author that I read and I like he writing style. The character development as well as the plot development is also great. So those points are all ticked off with a YES.

On the surface you have the almost classical setting of the Rockstar that seems to have everything yet is missing something. And instead of the Fangirl – Shane Hawthorne gets Delaney his Babysitter. But this is already the point where the classics end. Because the Leading and Supporting characters in this novel are much deeper than the average. It will take the reader a long time to figure out their actual motivation.

The reader gets to peel away layer after layer of Shane and while doing that we find out more and more about the secondary characters too. I have to admit they intrigued me as much as they annoyed me. And some of the revelations were more surprising than I would have imagined. Which makes me look forward to the next books in this series.

I struggled with one fact a little but as I try to refrain from spoilers as much as possible it is not easy to explain my thoughts on that. Lets say I am a little fact obsessed and if I compare the two most important facts the reader learns about both leads I feel that from the law point of view the handling and reasoning was not sooooooooo totally realistic BUT … it felt OK within the story flow. (and wow that means something if I say it like that because only this week I “killed” a book in my review for almost that same reason – but in that case I could not get over that fact because the story would not “carry” me there)

There are a lot of bumps in the road of this story and there is a question mark if this Babysitting can turn into a Romance, also the reader will have tons of reasons to worry if they will make it or not. – SO what more can a reader wish for …

Oh wait I know …

the next book in the series …



























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