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(TWO GRAVES is a short novella, about 70 pages. It is volume #1 in Zoe Kalo’s psychological suspense “Retribution” series.)

A Dante-ish descent through a sinister world of decadent shadows and woeful souls…

Seven years ago, he shattered her life. The town eventually forgot the headlines and the nightmares. But 23-year old music student Angelica hasn’t forgotten.

For the past seven years, she’s contemplated payback with as much intensity and unwavering faith as she puts into her violin playing. Finally, all the pieces are in place. Over the course of one night, disguised for a masquerade ball, Angelica orchestrates a journey of revenge.


Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

This is my second book by this author. The first book I read was YA not my thing to be honest. But I liked the plot and it is a promising series. But I also like diversity when it comes to reading.

So when this book was on offer for a read to review it sounded more up my alley.  The writing is unique, smooth but at the same time it was descriptive, too much.  Setting a scene is one thing but for me it took a lot away from the main story and as this is a novella it is a shame.

I should also listen to my gut.  I do not sync with novellas. This story could have been fleshed out more there is a lot of potential here. This is a story about revenge there are time jumps between the past & the present which kept on pulling me out of the story as I wanted to what was happening in each time line. I was also under the impression that there would be some romance in it. 





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