The world is fractured. Few dare to cross the lines dividing the three main factions – Humans, Horned, and Shifters. Except for the Mediators trained to settle inter-factional disputes and enforce the Human Office’s regulations in the lawless zones.

Jade Dober is one of those Mediators, though sometimes she feels more like a glorified halfling social worker sent into the hinterlands to make it appear the Office gives a crap.

Deep in the Second Nevada Trade Zone is her next case: a human/werewolf halfling, a trade school student, trapped in a “wild” state. The teen’s half-sister wants to claim him under her pack—a sure death sentence—while the school’s principal fights to free the human trapped within the animal.

Saving a life is Jade’s stock-in-trade. But when her investigation uncovers an illegal plot to breed a new species of shifter, the resulting ruckus captures the attention of the Horned King. This is bad. Very bad. Because Jade isn’t quite what she seems. And if the Horned King lays claim to her first, no one on this planet—or her own—can save her.

First word that comes to mind when I was reading this book. Bizarre, utterly and totally bizarre. I mean that in the most positive way thought. Bare bones of the book coming so I won’t give too much away.

Jade Dober is a mediator. Her next job is tough. She has been called out to the zones to mediate a case between a school, consisting of a lot of different types of shifters and a pure shifter pack of wolves. They think that one of the shifters has gone wild but the whole entire case seems to be off.

For various reasons the heir alpha of the Sound Pack Sarsen Gael gets involved. He has his reasons. The Horned King gets involved he also has his reasons. Jade doesn’t know whether to eat the two or fuck them.

The female protagonist is strong and I loved her sense of humor. I also love that she gets the job done no matter what. And she is a female anti-hero in my eyes.

Jade is also other which means she isn’t a shifter, a horned or a human. In all honesty I was thrown off by what she is and other things that I didn’t expect to happen that did throughout the book.

It’s a race against time and death and well Jade is losing. She is stuck between a rock and three hard places. But she still has a couple of aces up her sleeves.

In regards to the male characters in the book I can’t decide who I find more appealing the Demon King who is slightly bonkers, okay really bonkers or the bald headed (not that is a problem, very sexy) pure shifter wolf of one of the biggest packs there is.

Ms. Jacks has created a unique world where three species have to co-exist with one another. The humans, the horned and the shifters. Whereas I think that the world created is fantastic. It is original unique and at some points utterly surreal. And yet I still had problems with it. Maybe I wasn’t concentrating hard enough.

It on my part was hard to immerse myself into this world and navigate through all the species and what Jade is and that there are factions and laws and each species has their own law. Very confusing that is why I docked a star. There are so many chess pieces in play here that it is hard to keep up with what is going on.

I would certainly recommend this book as it’s full of surprises, originality and nothing like I have read before in the paranormal romance genre so far.

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