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From the author of the New York Times bestselling Undead novels comes a delightfully addictive new series about past lives and bad habits—and one woman paranormally predisposed to getting at the bottom of both. It’s her job.
You couldn’t arrest someone for killing in a past life. You couldn’t bring a civil suit against them, either. They could only be legally penalized for what they did this time around—and what a dark circus the legal system had been before that legislation passed! (It was still a dark circus, but perhaps not as dark.)  But you could spot them, and watch them. You could set traps for them.
Leah Nazir is an Insighter. Reincarnation is her business. But while her clients’ pasts are a mess, Leah’s is nothing short of tragedy. She’s been murdered. A lot. If left to that bitch, destiny, it’ll happen again. Leah wants to know who’s been following her through time, and who’s been stalking her in the present…

P.I. Archer Drake has been hired by Leah’s mother to keep an eye on her. But the more time he spends watching, the more he finds himself infatuated. Before long, he even finds himself agreeing to help find the person who wants her dead. Over and over again.

Now going full-on “rewind,” Leah hopes it can stave off the inevitable. After all, she’s grown fond of this life—and even fonder of nerdy Archer. But changing her pattern means finding out who her killer is today. And as Leah fears, that could be anyone she has come to know and trust. Anyone.


Deja Who. Got. Me. Out. Of. My. Downward. Book. Funk. Spiral.

After the author’s foreword about the book you just want to continue reading well that was the case with me. This is what I understand when it comes to artistic license.

Leah Namir is an Insighter, and she is a really good one.  Recognising people’s past lives who they are and what they did and how it impacts their current lives or sometimes it can be used as an excuse.

Sounds like a bad joke but it isn’t…..

So! A pirate, a serial killer, and the worst bigot the Supreme Court had ever seen. And Leah was trapped in a room with all of them. All right, “trapped” was inaccurate, since she had obtained patient consent, drugged #6116, and called all her shadows forward. Wednesdays!

Just another day in paradise for Leah.  Being an Insighter would actually get them burnt at the stake but now they help society deal with their problems. They have always been around but now they don’t have to hide. The Salem Witch Trials was a particularly difficult time for all Insighters.

Leah Namir has more severe problems then just her job turning her into a cynic. She has some serious problems which are a real killer. I mean literally killer. Her mother is trying to slither back into her life oh and in nearly every life she has been murdered and she is waiting to be murdered in this life as well. One of her past lives was Mary Jane Kelly, a victim of Jack the Ripper.

Archer Drake is a clean slate, she can’t see him as in his past lives. He has been employed by Leah’s Mum to stalk ah watch her. He finds he can’t deal with that and is also slightly ah strongly attracted to her. He decides to approach her and tell her that someone is after her and that doesn’t go as planned.

“It’s easier, then. If you know what’s going on.” “You would think.” She shifted: he was so busy watching her face he forgot to watch her hands. “But in fact, sometimes that makes it more difficult.” Then she stabbed.

What did I say? Huh. Not good but they do get over the whole stabbing incident. But they as a couple have their difficulties.

I feel a kinship with Leah.

It wasn’t even the first time that week she’d been called a fucking bitch. “I’m not a good person anymore. Wait. Maybe not ever, maybe I’m like you that way. Just a moment.” She hit the speak/sec button that connected her to the office admin. “Deb, I used to be nice, right?” “Oh, God no,” came the prompt reply. “You’ve never been nice. Not once.” “Thanks, Deb.” “Remember I told you my Grandma died, and you said leaving early wouldn’t bring her back, and payroll wouldn’t calculate itself?” “Thanks, Deb.”

Archer Drake is a nut job but in a positive way there is no other way to put up with the craziness around him. In a way he is quite nondescript but still sticks out in his actions.

Some of the human made it a good and funny read.

 “Hey!” Archer bounded to his feet like a six-foot puppy. “You didn’t get murdered las night! Great!”

Have you ever experienced a book to be too funny? Me neither until this book. Somewhere along the book it went from being funny to move on with the banter and let’s continue with the plot line. You know for the fact that she’s going to be murdered and all that jazz? It overshadowed the book plot in many ways. Just sayin’!

This is a promising book and I’m fascinated by the concept of the book. That do your past lives really influence the lives with the life that you are living at the moment. I don’t know what I’d rather be tabula rasa or know about past lives but what if I was an avid tax evasion. Or I suffered from insomnia that could be why I constantly feel like I need to sleep in this life. But I think it’s better just not knowing.

I will continue in the series as it is promising.



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