Warrior Scorpio finds himself alone on a botched op. No weapons, no communication devices, injured…and instantly recognized by a group of witches who want him dead.

Witch Tessa promises to marry a rival leader to save her people. But she never planned on the new prisoner in her coven. Scorpio, a rough, former mercenary makes the outrageous claim that she belongs to him.

Even from behind bars, the longer Scorpio stays, the more he unsettles Tessa and she questions all she thought she knew. Choosing him will put everyone she cares for at risk. He’s nothing like she expected, and the last thing she could dare to want.



                                    5 T & S Stars.

„I curse you now, demon. One day you will meet your destined mate. The very instance that you are in her presence, you will recognize that she is your other half, your female, and you will be seized with the need to claim her. You will ache with your need to complete the bond. But she…” the witch’s voice grew low, “she will despise you for the monster you are. She will avoid you as if you are poison to her. You will be in agony, demon. Let it be done!”

After a botched operation in Tainted Kiss, Scorpio is teleported to Bronwy he is severely injured and is captured by the witch’s coven where he once assassinated the chief mage Pennar, he was being blackmailed by a Dalamos, his mercenary skills in exchange for not hurting his brother and sister. He is to be bought to judgement by the village. They call him a murderer which is true. Half the village wants him dead and the other half doesn’t know what to do with him.

He is dangerous so they lock him up with dampening spells and gloves that let him from using his demonfire. He won’t leave as much as he wants to because he has smelt honeysuckle, the sign that he will have found his mate. As he is a lash demon he has the skills to run but doesn’t.

With his job being completed he didn’t realize the consequences of his actions. The village had lost so much the former village sat on dark ley lines with magic and only Pennar was strong enough for the dark magic to stay contained that is until the Vespera took over and dark magic also spread into their village.

Tessa is one of the most powerful witches in the coven. She has the affinity to metals. She wants to do right by her people. This means marrying the narcissistic bastard Damien from the Vespara coven. Scorpio isn’t happen about that but over time he proves himself to Tess and the village. She isn’t his biggest fan to begin with but that soon changes after he saves her life twice and Tessa gets to know him.

I loved all the characters in this book, be it the main or secondary characters. I loved the plot and the humor of the book.

“Ah, yes. Well this demon isn’t leaving.” With that Winston shuffled to a leather chair and lowered his slight frame. “Nope, we need to keep him See how helpful he is?” Tessa gave Scorpio an apologetic shrug. “Keep him? He’s not a stray dog.” “You know what I mean”

After two weeks he contacts the Watcher’s HQ to tell him that he is still alive and about the current situation that he has found his mate.

“Shit. I guess, congratulations are in order?” “Ehh, not yet. She’s not totally on board with the idea.”

To get Tess back. The Watcher’s pull out the big guns. Whysper the resident witch is kick ass and the ending was the best. Tessa was a bit naive when it came to the whole ending with Damien and her being kidnapped.

Can a leopard change his spots?

As long as the core of the person is solid then there are really no spots that need to be changed by said leopard.

I can’t wait for this series to continue.



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