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Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in The Wedding Belles, a contemporary and witty romance series about three high-powered New York City women who can plan any wedding—but their own.

Alexis Morgan has spent the past six years devoted to turning her tiny start-up into Manhattan’s premiere wedding planning company, The Wedding Belles. Now that her business is thriving, it’s time to turn towards her much neglected personal life, and Alexis approaches her relationships like she does everything else: with a plan. Not a part of that plan is Logan Harris, the silent partner in the Belles, and the one person who’s been there for her since the very beginning. But Alexis needs someone fun, and Logan’s all business, all the time—except when a late night at the office ends with an unexpected kiss that leaves the usually cool and together Alexis reeling.

Logan has lusted after Alexis since the day he walked into the tiny Harlem apartment that used to double as her office. But the ambitious wedding planner has always been untouchable…until now. Alexis has made it clear that she’s on the dating market—and equally clear that he’s not in the running. But when Alexis finds herself in need of a date for her sister’s last minute wedding in Florida, Logan knows it’s the perfect time to show Alexis that there’s more to him than numbers and spreadsheets—and beneath the pinstripes and glasses lies a hot-blooded heartthrob. As Florida’s sultry days turn into even hotter nights, Logan’s out to convince Alexis that the fling of a lifetime could just maybe turn into forever…




What a great ending to an absolutely fantastic series. How I shall miss all the gals at the Wedding Belles. Before I get to my review I have to say that writing about Wedding Planners worked really well. Huh who would’ve thought? I’m not all that into weddings to be honest.


4 ‘8 years, 4 months & twelve days’ Stars.


This is Alexis Morgan and Logan Harris’s book.


We get a flashback to how Alexis & Logan meet and it is the best. Right time, right place. Although they have chemistry they put it on the backburner and become business partners.


“Why would you offer this?” He jerked his head in the direction of her folder. “It’s a good plan. Worth the risk.”


“No, it’s something more than that. Another reason. I’d like to know what.”


“Say yes to my proposal, Alexis. Say yes, and maybe someday I’ll tell you the other reason.”


Since Alexis has been young she has always known what she wants to be a Wedding Planner not just any one planner in the business though but the best in the business. She could have gotten a loan from her father but there were stipulations and after what happened with her sister well yeah I wouldn’t have done that either.


Eight years later her business is booming in New York. She is the best in the business. Her personal life? Not so much. That is until she gets a dreaded phone call from her that her sister is most likely pregnant. Not bad right? There is a slight issue with this. But hey it stayed in the family right? Right then and there Alexis decides to change her personal life.


God how my heart hurt for Alexis. It must have been tough and although both the sister and the ex-boyfriend, current boyfriend of sister were clean about it still has to cut fucking deep.


Logan Harris sexy Brit and all-round great guy. As an Englishwoman there is nothing better than a Brit’s accent. Or in this case more specific English accent. He moved to the US to study and well hasn’t left one of the main reasons he hasn’t left is a woman. Not any woman. No Alexis. 


But time is running out. Logan is being called back home so that his parents can retire and he can take over the reins. He’s not entirely sure if he wants to though. But then he finds out that Alexis is open to dating again just not him. Bless his cotton socks. He fights and boy how he fights. He has the patience of a saint. He deserves someone who isn’t Alexis. Well actually they are great together when Alexis drops being such a control freak and just goes with it.  I’m not her biggest fan.


Logan is one of the hottest accountants I have ever met but what is it about constantly referring to being an accountant Alexis, huh? Did my bloody nut in to be honest. But then again Alexis is oblivious. She likes it safe, her company is safe and quite frankly I could have decked her one for how she treated Logan.


This book is bittersweet at times and heart-warming at others. There is great banter, and chemistry once we get to the chemistry.  But it is a good and solid build up and as they have been in limbo as in more than friends and less than lovers they both need time to adjust. Alexis requires more time than Logan as I said OBLIVIOUS. It is quite amusing seeing Alexis processing her thoughts and feelings when it comes to Logan.


And at the end? We find out the real reason. Oh Logan, sigh.


“Why did you offer a woman you’d just met your entire inheritance?” she asked. His lips pressed to the centre of her forehead.  “Because you weren’t a woman I’d just met. From the moment I saw you, I knew. I knew you were the woman I loved. “I can’t decide if that’s nuts or romantic,” Alexis said with a little laugh.


I am sad that this is the end of the series but I must say that this series is a reread and worth every moment of it.


I docked a star because well I can. And I would have liked to have seen is Alexis sorting things out with Adam. And Logan telling his father that he won’t be moving back to England. That was missing. And Alexis annoyed me so there is that as well.

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