Rock Stars are Trouble by Kelly D. Smith


May 18, 2016

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Title:  Rock Stars are Trouble

Author :  Kelly D. Smith

Series:  N/A

Release date:  January 14th 2016



Blurb : Kenda Lexan has one shot at this interview with Greyson Brant and she’s gotta make it perfect—otherwise she’ll lose her job.


Greyson’s up and coming, and got a major reputation for flirting with anyone who interviews him—too bad for him Kenda already knows that rock stars are trouble. When she has to interview him again she can’t help but realize he’s not that bad of a person.


He’s actually nice to his fans, and for some reason he’s nice to her, despite the fact she’s made it clear she’s not interested. So she agrees to hang out—as friends. She remembers what musicians are like, and a run in with her ex just solidifies that she doesn’t need anything to do with the type.


But when her sister ends up in the hospital and he shows up to help her out she can’t help but think she might be wrong.


Are all rock stars trouble?

More importantly is Greyson Brant?


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