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Kept from You (Tear Asunder #4) by Nashoda Rose


August 9, 2017

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 Kept from You


 Nashoda Rose



 Tear Asunder #4


March 6th 2017 






“Kept from You” is a STANDALONE Contemporary Romance from the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Nashoda Rose.


A first kiss that changed everything.

Killian Kane.


He was the most feared guy in high-school. Guarded. Angry. A fighter. But when I caught him watching me with his captivating green eyes I saw something more. Something protective and kind. He warned me to stay away from him. I did. Until I didn’t and he kissed me. A knee weakening, body tingling kiss that left me breathless. And scared the hell out of me.


And then… He warned me never to come near him again or next time he wouldn’t let me go. That was eleven years ago. We aren’t teenagers anymore. He has probably forgotten me.


He’s a famous rock star now. I’m a dance instructor with a broken dream and desperate for a job. So, when we cross paths again I don’t expect him to remember me. He does.


And his warning eleven years ago? I’m about to find out exactly what that meant








I am pretty sure that this is what I say almost every time when I read a book by Nashoda Rose. But well it is the truth. In my eyes authors rarely manage to write different genres without loosing something of their style but this author really is one of the few that manages this miracle and I will even go further and say that I am not sure if I like her paranormal or her contemporary books best.


Right in this minute I love “Kept from You” and I love everything about it. The beginning – the middle and the end. I love its intensity and how believable it seems, even if it seems so far fetched that at times you would have to doubt if its real. It does not matter really.


Reading romance novels is a way to live a thousand lives while staying in one place and this is what this author sells to you no questions asked. She holds nothing back and gives you everything. As it had been a while since I read her last book it was like meeting all those characters for the first time and yet at the same time it felt like coming home.


So I believe you could indeed read this book even as a standalone. Yet I would not recommend it as anybody should experience the full force of those guys in the right order of appearance.


Killian is the full force of a bad boy – at least it seems that way doesn’t it … yet it only needs one quiet girl to bring this whole picture into a total different perspective.


Well if you haven’t started that series so far you should do it now, because those guys from Tear Asunder will create a new definition of rocker romance for you




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