Broken Lion by Devon Hartford


July 22, 2016

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Title :              Broken Lion

Author:            Devon Hartford

Series :            n/a

Release date :   August 1st 2016




Blurb : Bestselling author Devon Hartford brings you another scorching hot and scandalous standalone romance.




The night the EMTs rolled Lion Maxwell into my ER turned my life upside down.

Although he was bloody and battered from defending his title as the WMAA’s reigning cruiserweight champion, his cocky grin lit up the room. And every cell in my body.Our fiery chemistry was off the charts.


The ER staff sensed it.

Lion’s entourage and his drooling groupies sensed it too.


If the two of us had been alone, I might have done something entirely unprofessional and completely unethical right there in the exam room. But I was his attending physician. A sexual or romantic relationship with him was grounds for my termination or worse, revoking my medical license.


I wouldn’t risk my career on a moment of passion. It didn’t stop that arrogant caveman from doing everything he could to get me into his hospital bed. After denying his advances for weeks, the last thing I expected were the wild nights he would be spending in my bed.It was supposed to be nothing more than a secret fling.


I knew it couldn’t last.

He was still my patient.

What we were doing was wrong.If anyone found out, it could ruin my life.

But we couldn’t let go.

We were bound to each other on some primal level that consumed us.Sometimes love is tragic.

Sometimes two people aren’t meant to be together.

But sometimes, two people overcome all adversity and build a love that lasts forever.

I knew deep in my heart that Lion Maxwell could be my happily ever after.

As long as we kept our love a secret.I wish I’d known that some secrets are too hard to keep…




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